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Common Home Painting Mistakes

Posted by Nolan Painting on September 14, 2017
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Common Home Painting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Painting is an effective, affordable way to enhance the look of your home, but it’s easy to make some mistakes that lead to frustration when your do-it-yourself project runs off the rails.

Here’s a look at some common house painting mistakes and how to ensure you don’t make them:

  • Bugs, Lint, Dirt, Etc.: When you’re rolling or brushing on paint, you can often catch dust, dirt, grime, lint and other stuff that you don’t want memorialized on your wall. Use a light piece of sandpaper to carefully sand the foreign object from the wall. Use a wet rag to remove any remaining dust from the wall, then paint over the spot.
  • Color Bleeds: Don’t forget to use primer first when needed. If you’re seeing the old color of the wall shine through the new color, add primer and try again.
  • Paint on the Carpet: Start cleaning up the spill as soon as it occurs. You can use a flat edge tool like a scraper to pull out as much of the paint as possible. Then, soak up remaining paint using a sponge. Once the sponge has done its work, consider placing a dry cloth atop the paint stain to pull out the rest. You can also find paint removing solutions at the hardware store — just make sure to try it on a hard-to-see portion of your carpet first, just in case it affects the carpet itself.
  • Paint on Ceiling: Wondering how to fix painting mistakes on the ceiling? If the paint has dried, consider using a pure white paint to touch up the spots you created. Whites are different, for sure, but they are difficult to discern on the edges where you’re likely to misfire on the ceiling. If the paint is still wet, a little window cleaner on a dry paintbrush should help rinse it away.
  • Problematic Patches: Many who wonder how to fix a bad paint job on a wall are dealing with patches. If you’ve patched a wall in the past, a coat of primer will help prevent that patch from showing through after painting. You can even get away with priming just the patched area. Also, a roller is going to work much better than a brush for evenly painting over patches.

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