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Different Painting Designs for a Bedroom

Posted by Nolan Painting on September 28, 2017
cool colored bedroom

cool colored bedroom

Choosing the right color (or colors) for the walls of any room can be an intimidating decision to make. You want to get it just right. But what color is right? Here’s a look at five different bedroom paint design ideas, including a method for blending more than one color to get the best results.

Cool Colors

Cool colors can be used to make a room look larger than it really is. What are cool colors? Blues, greens, even purples. If you’re dealing with an especially small bedroom, consider a cool color because they are proven to draw eyes away from the wall — which is where the enlarging effect comes from.

Warm Colors

Your warms are going to be oranges, yellows and reds, which pull the eye toward a wall or ceiling — obviously, just the opposite of cool colors. If you want to have a little fun with a yellow and you have the space, why not go for it? But, if you have a smaller bedroom, you may want to avoid warm colors, as they can make a space feel even more cramped than it already is.

Blending Two Colors

Have you considered using an accent wall? You can choose to use one color on two or three walls and another on the remaining wall or walls. For example, if you have a long and narrow bedroom, considering using warm colors on the longer walls, which will help the room feel more proportional and balanced. If you do use an accent wall, make sure that the wall isn’t too blocked or exposed. You want the accent color to shine through just enough without overwhelming the room.

Ceiling as an Accent

Most stick with a white ceiling, but painting a bedroom ceiling can be an opportunity. Remember how we said cool colors pull the eye away from the wall? The same goes for the ceiling. Consider painting the ceiling a cool blue or green, and it will have the effect of making the room’s ceiling feel like it’s higher than it really is.

Don’t Forget Natural Light

Did you know that the direction a bedroom faces can affect whether it’s best as a cool or warm bedroom? Traditionally southern and western facing bedrooms work best with cooler colors because they bring the temperature down from the plentiful natural light. Conversely, northern and eastern facing bedrooms work best with warmer colors that help fill the natural light gap.

Get Expert Guidance

Do you need help from an expert as you plan your paint job or do the actual painting? At Nolan Painting, we’ve been providing paint ideas for bedrooms to Philadelphia homeowners since 1979. If you need help with painting in Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware or Philadelphia counties, we can be your go-to source for experience, knowledge and service.

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