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Commercial Painting Maintenance Tips

Posted by Nolan Painting on October 5, 2017
commercial painting

commercial painting

Everything needs to look and feel perfect when you run your own business. That’s why you invest in a high-quality paint job for your facilities to start with, and that’s also why you should focus on regular paint job maintenance after the initial application. But what specifically should you focus on?

Here’s a look at a few commercial painting maintenance tips that will help keep your building looking great for years to come:

  • Focus on Exterior: When you own a business, your facility’s exterior says a lot about your care and attention to detail. Make sure that your exterior paint job looks fantastic. How? Carefully examine your facility’s façade on a quarter-by-quarter basis, making any small and minor repairs and touch-ups to ensure your building says what you want it to about your brand.
  • Pressure Washing: Pressure washing is a fantastic way to focus on your building’s exterior. Consider pressure washing on a regular basis, and you’ll notice that your paint job continues to shine, even as it ages. Dust, dirt, grime, pollen, and other blemishes can prematurely age a paint job that still has years left.
  • Know the Cleaning Tricks: Dealing with mold and mildew? A little household bleach mixed with water should do the trick. Need to remove rust stains from your building’s exterior? A half cup of Epsom salt mixed with water will help zap that corrosion. As mentioned, use a pressure washer for basic dirt and grime that’s sure to build up over time.
  • Watch Your Utilities: A lot of damage to paint both indoors and outdoors is related to your utilities. Your air conditioning especially can leak and cause significant damage to your building’s paint job. By scheduling regular maintenance for your air conditioning system, you’re also helping to prevent damage to your building’s paint job, both inside and out.
  • Invest in Maintenance: You can choose to neglect your commercial paint job and pay for an expensive re-application in just a few years. Or, you can invest in commercial paint maintenance and get many more years out of your existing paint job — while saving a lot of money. Take advantage of preventative upkeep measures, and ensure your paint job performs for years to come.

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