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Why Cheap Paint Will Actually Cost You More

Posted by Nolan Painting on October 26, 2017
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Everyone wants a deal, and that’s especially true when it comes to investing in the home. But finding cheap paint for your home interior often isn’t a deal at all. While the price tag may look great at first, there are two major hidden costs that make those initial savings disappear. If you’re curious about the different types of house paint and which is best, here’s a look at what you’re getting with low quality vs. high quality house paint.

Quality Paint Requires Less

So, you’re sitting at the paint store or hardware store, looking at different paint options and comparing prices. But here’s the catch: There’s so much more to paint than the price tag. You can save a few bucks choosing one type of paint over another, but what if the less expensive paint requires two or three coats to look as good as the more expensive option? It’s plain to see you’re no longer getting a deal.

Today, you can find lots of paints that bill themselves as single-coat paints. Make sure you’re choosing one of these one-coat options, even if it’s a little more expensive than alternatives — you’re actually saving yourself money in the long run.

Quality Paint Lasts Longer

Here’s another thing about quality paint: It often lasts longer. If you choose a slightly less expensive paint option that lasts three years over a slightly more expensive option that lasts five years, are you still getting a deal? Most likely not. Make sure to ask an expert at the paint or hardware store about the specific qualities of the paint options you’re considering. You may find one is known to be far more durable than another, which creates additional savings down the line. Always count the full cost of paint before making an investment.

Find Value

Here’s your goal: Get the best interior paint for your money. When you look at the higher end of paints, you’re often painting for trendy and unique colors — not for durability or single-coat capability. There is a point at which returns diminish. You’ll want to find the right color for you in a paint that provides needed durability and requires only one coat to look its best.

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