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Painting Dark Colors In Your Home

Posted by Nolan Painting on November 27, 2017
Green vintage wall and leather retro décor

Many people decide against using dark paint colors in their home year after year for fear that it won’t look right. On the contrary — dark colors can add a dramatic emphasis to any room that immediately increases interior appeal.

At Nolan Painting, it’s important to us that you’re happy with the paint job on the inside and outside of your home, so we offer a list of tips for painting with dark colors and information about our company so you can make the right home improvement decision.

Tips for Painting With Dark Colors

The following are four of the top tips we would give any homeowner thinking of using dark colors on their walls:

  1. Keep design in mind before painting with dark colors. Make sure the furniture you plan to have in the room will match the color and overall room theme.
  2. Don’t worry about a color making the room look smaller. Done right, dark to medium shades can actually make rooms seem larger, so don’t let size keep you from the interior you want.
  3. Apply accents throughout the space to add dimension once the walls are dark.
  4. Make sure a quality professional company like Nolan Painting is applying your dark paint colors. Poorly painted walls, especially when the color is bold, are immediately noticeable and take away from the rest of your home.

Choose Nolan Painting to Apply Your Paint

Whether you choose to use dark paint colors or go another route with your design, Nolan Painting is the right company for the project. Instead of another business or a DIY project that might not yield the same clean results, choose us for:

  • Customer satisfaction: We’ll commit to any details we discuss about timeline and design and our pledge of high quality means we’ll fix any issues that hinder your total satisfaction.
  • Trained professionals: We never use subcontractors and we keep our employees trained in general safety, lead safety, painting, surface preparation, customer service, and more.
  • Free color consultations: If you choose a hired service, we’ll automatically offer a free color consultation to help you decide on the perfect design.
  • Cutting-edge equipment: We have 11 outfitted trucks ready to bring our quality products — including Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint and the Festool dustless sander — directly to your home to get the job done right.

It would be impossible for us to list every benefit you’ll enjoy by choosing Nolan Painting. Don’t believe us? Schedule a free estimate now and let us get started on the dark colors you’ve always wanted in your Pennsylvania home.