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Using Paint to Complement Your Home’s Style

Posted by Nolan Painting on December 13, 2017
Aqua kitchen cabinets

Your home should feature one cohesive style, something that permeates the architecture, furniture, flooring, cabinets, fixtures — and definitely your home’s paint. Choosing the right paint color for your home’s style can feel challenging, though. Where do you start?

Here’s a look at how to choose the right paint for your home style, both inside and out.

Exterior Paint

Paint can make a transformative impact on the way your home looks and feels from the outside. Start by working off a few things you can’t change. First, what features does your home have that won’t be painted? This might include brick, stone, stucco, etc. Use the colors of these nonpainted spaces as a foundation to find complementary colors.

Second, use your home’s position and its surroundings to inform your paint decision. For example, if your home is set back from the street and surrounded by tall, shady trees, you’ll want to find a lighter color — because dark colors will create a black hole effect. Conversely, if your home is near the street and free of surrounding trees, you can play with darker colors.

A good rule of thumb is to find lighter shades to use as your home’s primary color, and then use darker colors for trim and to highlight your home’s finer details. Of course, rules are meant to be broken, so have some fun when testing out different colors.

Interior Paint

Paint can have a tremendous impact inside your home, too. Start by considering your floor color. If you have blue carpet or blond hardwood, those colors matter — and they can be used as a foundation to find complementary interior colors. Also, consider the artwork and wall fixtures you have in each room, which also provide a pop of color that needs complementing. Finally, how much light do you get in different rooms? Darker colors should be reserved for rooms that get tons of light.

Get the Paint Guidance You Need

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