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Carpentry Home Improvement Trends

Posted by Nolan Painting on January 15, 2018
Picture frame molding

There are tons of popular improvement trends within the carpentry industry — everywhere from customized fireplace Picture frame moldingmantels to applying shiplap to create an accent wall. Nolan Painting can help you achieve the results you want with the best carpentry tips. To keep up with current home styles, refer to the following list of services and carpentry advice we can provide:

  1. Accent Walls: Accent walls are always popular. Finding ways to make them more innovative include painting with block colors, stripes or stencils, or using different patterns. Also by applying shiplap or beadboard paneling and/or picture frame molding can add some creative dimension to your space.
  2. Customized Fireplaces: Customizing your fireplace mantel — versus leaving it the same as all the others on the block — is a significant trend to tailor your home to your tastes.
  3. Genuine Wood: While it’s nice to have materials made of alternative resources, nothing beats real wood in your home. Using natural wood compared to materials made from composites can bring a warmer and more authentic feel into your living room, dining room or kitchen.
  4. Innovative Shelving: Installing shelves is common, but finding creative ways to make more storage space is the new thing. For example, built-in shelves and drawers under your stairs or in your laundry room provide a modern way to tidy up your home.
  5. Crown Molding: Crown molding can really transform a room and bring elegance. It will add visual interest and a definite value add to your home.

Services Provided by Nolan Painting

Hiring a professional is often the best solution for your in-home carpentry jobs. Nolan Painting provides dozens of different services to accommodate your requirements for installations and repairs. With the Nolan Promise, we guarantee to commit to all details, stand behind our work, and present exceptional-quality results.  

Everyday Projects

No matter your needs, our trained staff — skilled in many areas throughout the trade — is available to assist you on a collection of projects such as:

  • Beadboard paneling
  • Door installations
  • Drywall and ceiling installations and repair
  • Shiplap
  • Wainscoting & chair railing
  • Window and door casement trim
  • Crown Molding

Trending Carpentry Work

Along with our daily services, certain carpentry techniques in the industry have been trending, such as:

  • Accent wall painted with picture frame molding
  • Built-ins for kitchens, living rooms, and family rooms
  • Fireplace mantel installation
  • Molding installation — crown moldings, double crown moldings, picture frame moldings
  • Shelf installation
  • Shiplap accent walls and ceiling beadboard paneling

Contact Nolan Painting to See How We Can Improve Your Home

Nolan Painting understands your home is one of your biggest investments. Leave it to us to perfect your crown molding, install shiplap, or to create built-in areas in your kitchen. Even for trending carpentry work, we can apply accent wall paintings or prepare innovative shelving. We offer full-service, professional house painting, and our trained professionals arrive on time while keeping a clean work environment. Our company provides the highest quality painting services, with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Nolan Painting to schedule an estimate or learn more about our painting services.