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New Year, New Colors

Posted by Nolan Painting on January 18, 2018
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Time for a new year and a new you! But have you thought about a fresh start for your home, too? House color trends in 2018 are exciting and offer fresh hues in whites, neutrals, and colors. This is a perfect time of year to update the look of your home with the hottest 2018 home color trends — and make your home more welcoming and stylish.

A few 2018 paint colors you will want to consider include:

1. Whites

Whites are a timeless classic when it comes to interior paints because they give you a blank canvas for every room, where you can add high-quality touches and décor items. This year’s most Instagram-worthy and trendy colors are the cool whites of the ocean and the comfy whites of home.

Try SW 7637 Oyster White, which is reminiscent of the bleached look of seashells and white sand. It’s perfect for a cooling effect and looks exceptional with dark wood, white furnishings and both modern and classic interiors. This understated color has just a note of beige warmth in a rich gray base. Like all Sherwin-Williams paints, it wears very well.

If you are looking for a warmer white, try SW 7102 White Flour. This has a soft feel to it and is perfect for use with wood accents and furniture as well as classic and modern home décor with neutral and warm shades.

2. Neutrals

Neutrals add a soft glow of color beyond white and their subtle shades add some depth to any room. For 2018, one color which is trending is SW 6133 Muslin (pictured left). With beige and dusty rose undertones, this soft hue adds a blush of color without being too bold.

Another popular choice for neutrals in 2018 is SW 7649 Silverplate. This stunning neutral grey is very sophisticated and looks fabulous with marble, white cabinets and trim and even darker accents and furniture. If you have white furnishings and accents, this color is the perfect shade as a backdrop. It also pairs wonderfully with greens — especially dark greens. If you want another option for grey, be sure to check out Benjamin Moore 1605 Winter Solstice. This stunning deep grey is a terrific neutral to incorporate into any room. 

3. Colors

Sometimes, you just want a pop of color. For 2018, SW 6230 Rainstorm is a sure bet. This dusty and rich blue flirts with navy and teal but doesn’t quite edge into either. It would work as a trim, accent, single wall, or a full color over an entire room.

Another color to watch for in 2018 is SW 7588 Show Stopper (pictured below). This pinky-red has a vintage feel to it and yet is very modern. It’s not overwhelming when used over the whole room but can provide a bold pop when used as an accent.

If you want the inside scoop on any color trends in 2018 or want to make-over your home now, contact Nolan Painting. Our full-service, highly professional painting services and experienced color consultants have been helping beautify the homes and businesses of Main Line and the surrounding areas for years.