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Why You Should Hire A Painter In Winter

Posted by Nolan Painting on February 2, 2018

Interior painting in winter is an excellent idea because it allows you to take advantage of this time of year to make your home better. There are a few keys reasons why you should hire a painter in winter:

1. You Can Improve Your Aesthetics

During the winter, you probably spend a lot of time indoors. When you do, you may notice some of the asthetics of your home bothers you. Maybe it’s the scuff marks leftover from the holidays or the older paint in the basement. Whether you’re seeking damage or your house feels a little dated, winter is a great time to upgrade.

When you paint in winter, you get to take advantage of winter light, which gives you an accurate view of your wall colors, so you can pick shades more exactly. Since you’re spending more time inside, you can also take advantage of your home’s new look and really enjoy your interiors.

2. You Can Elevate Your Mood 

Blue green kitchenSome people experience “the blues” during the coldest time of year. Cooler temperatures, short days and less light can mean a less positive impact. Did you know color can help improve your mood? Some bright colors can actually make you feel happier or calmer, so painting your home can actually boost your outlook.

Another common problem with winter is that it can make you feel “stuck” inside. There’s nothing like updating your home and making your living area look great again to give you a purpose and make you feel more hopeful. Best of all, you get to enjoy the benefits all year long!

3. You Can Add Comfort to Your Home

Making your home cozy is a high priority in winter, where creature comforts can help stave off the chill of the outdoors. If you want to make your home feel welcoming, fresh paint gives your living area a clean and updated feel. Choosing warm colors can also help you feel more comfortable at home.

Painting during the winter months can also be more comfortable. In the summer, heat and humidity can amplify paint fumes indoors, but during winter, the cold and dry air can help paint dry well. In addition, painting won’t interfere with summer plans if you tackle it now!

If you’re thinking about hiring a painter in the winter, contact Nolan Painting. As a premier, full-service painting service for residences and organizations in Main Line and beyond, we can handle all your painting needs — including interior painting, color consulting, plaster and stucco repair, holiday lighting, and more.

Winter is a wonderful time to approach your interiors, so reach out to our professional and friendly team for help today.