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Professional Spray Painting for Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Nolan Painting on February 9, 2018
Interior home paint set up

Interior home paint set up

If you’re wondering where to find professionals who know how to paint laminate and wood kitchen cabinets in Pennsylvania, look no further than Nolan Painting, the experts in professional kitchen cabinet painting. Thanks to our amazing spray booth, we are uniquely equipped for professional spray painting of kitchen cabinets. Here is a basic breakdown of our process for repainting your kitchen cabinets.

Our Process

  • To refinish your kitchen cabinets, our painting experts first remove all the doors and hardware to protect them during the process and mark them by number with tape. We then take a picture of marked cabinets so the reassembly process goes seamlessly. We bring them to our spray booth and prep the cabinets by fully cleaning them and using a rigorous sanding process, which includes using our Festool sander to remove the finish.
  • Once we have prepped the cabinet, we put it in our spray booth under climate-controlled conditions. We apply three coats of paint; a primer bonder and two coats of a hard, water-based finish that is easy to clean and is water-resistant. Our dust-free spray results in a smooth, impeccable finish like it just came from the factory.
  • After the final coat is applied, we put the cabinet into a drying rack and give it a few days to dry. We then reassemble the fully finished cabinet back at the customer’s house. We do everything but the reassembly on-site. If there are any parts of the cabinet we are not able to remove, we prepare them on-site with a small mobile sprayer.

How to Get Started

It’s as simple as scheduling an appointment online or calling our scheduling department to receive a free estimate. Once our sales estimator has met with you to review the scope of work and provide a quote, you then have the decision to hire us and utilize our free color consulting service from our color experts. Once we schedule the time to pick up your cabinets, you can relax, secure in the knowledge that you are only a few days away from beautiful repainted cabinets that are nearly indistinguishable from their factory-finish condition.

Contact Us for More Information on Kitchen Cabinet Painting Today

At Nolan Painting, we have provided countless beautiful refinishing jobs on kitchen cabinets for Pennsylvania homes and we would love to do the same for you. To get started and schedule your free estimate, just call us today at 610-572-2806 or contact us online now. Our spray booth is all warmed up and waiting for you!