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How To Clean Wall Stains

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 15, 2018
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If you want to keep your home looking fresh and pristine, you need to know how to clean painted walls. Walls can pick up all sorts of scuff marks, stains, and other blemishes, and these marks can prematurely age your walls and paint and make your home look less than beautiful. What is the best way to clean painted walls?

Here’s how to clean wall stains, as well as some important considerations for how to clean newly painted walls.

Washability vs. Scrubbability

Before we get too deep into the subject, it’s important to understand the difference between washability and scrub-ability. Washability means stains don’t embed as easily into the paint film, allowing you to wash the wall without providing any pressure. Scrubbability, on the other hand, means stains can get embedded, requiring you to apply less pressure when removing them.

When Quality Matters

The higher your quality of paint, the more washable it will be. You should always choose washable paint over scrubbable paint. Also, as you move from flat paint options to sheen paint options, you’ll find your paint also gets more and more washable. This is because of the way paint dries. Flat paint is porous, meaning it includes peaks and valleys that pick up more dirt and stains. If you can choose a matte finish, at minimum, you’ll find that your paint is far more washable. If you’re wondering how to clean walls with flat paint, you may need to do a little more scrubbing.

Another thing you’ll discover when choosing higher-quality paint: The paint keeps its color better than lower-quality options. High-quality paint is better at keeping its integrity, and you won’t wash away any of the colors — leaving a spot where the stain once rested. Higher quality paints also resist burnishing – the creation of areas that looked “polished”- after being washed. Burnishing can occur, especially with lower quality paints, when the surface is scrubbed with a bit more effort. You’ll also find that higher-quality paint keeps its color over time rather than fading with age.

Wall Washing Tips

When it’s time to wash your paint, here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Wait After Application: If you’ve just painted, wait at least two weeks before you do any washing. Your fresh paint is going through a curing process during this time period.
  • Start Slowly: Go easy at first and work your way up to more of a scrub. You want to limit the wear and tear to your walls and paint as much as possible.
  • Get the Right Materials: It’s best to use a soft cloth to apply a little bit of water and a mild cleaning solution. Try dish detergent for stubborn stains.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Touch Up: If you’re having a really hard time getting a stain off the wall, use a little touch-up paint. You should be able to paint over the spot and make it look new in no time. Touch up always works best with the original paint that was used. Be sure to keep some extra in case you need to touch up areas. Just make sure you keep a record of your paint color — just in case you need to buy more.

Get Help From Nolan Painting

If you’re struggling with how to clean walls without removing paint, you always have a source of expert guidance and professional service at Nolan Painting. We serve customers throughout the greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. We choose premium paint (Ben Moore Regal Select and Sherwin Williams Duration) for our customers as a matter of principle — without charging extra for it.

Contact us today about how to clean painted walls.