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Best Paint for High-Traffic Areas

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 29, 2018

Best Paint for High-Traffic Areas

best paint for high traffic stairs

It’s no secret that paint for high-traffic areas is going to get a little more wear and tear. People are always coming and going, and sometimes they are carrying things that can scrape or otherwise damage the walls. What is the best paint for high-traffic stairs and other areas? What scuff-resistant paints can fight back against the damage common in high-traffic areas?

Here’s your look at some of the best paint options for high-traffic areas, as well as other key considerations for choosing paint for high-traffic stairs and other spots. Follow these guidelines for paint that still looks fresh and fantastic.

Best Paints for Heavily Trafficked Areas

You have two great options when searching for the best paint for high-traffic areas. Duration Home by Sherwin Williams is a quality paint that is washable and that resists the discoloration of paint over time. You also can choose Regal Select by Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore is now using ScuffX technology, which helps create paint that can’t be scuffed — even when it’s in a hallway on along stairs where there’s lots of traffic.

Best Finishes for High-Traffic Areas

If you don’t like either of the paint options above, but you still want something scuff-resistant, look at the types of finish available to you. Eggshell finish is a great option for choosing paint for high-traffic areas. The film is a little smoother, which makes it more stain-resistant. You may also choose a high-quality matte finish, which is going to provide the same stain-resistant effect.

Other Tips for Taking Care of Scuffs and Stains

What if you have an existing paint that’s prone to getting scuffs and stains? Follow these simple tips. Always clean a scuff and stain immediately. The longer the stuff and stain sit on top of paint, the harder it will be to get out. This is just common sense, but the faster you attack a scuff and stain, the more likely you are to be successful.

Get Quality Support at Nolan Painting

At Nolan Painting, we offer a team of high-quality service professionals who use the best materials to deliver outstanding results at your home or business. When you have a challenging high-traffic area, we can respond with the solutions you need for scuff-resistant paint. We work throughout the greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. When you want the best in paint solutions for your home or business, make sure you choose Nolan Painting.

Contact us today about scuff-resistant paint for your high-traffic areas.