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How To Repair Rotten Wood With Carpentry Work

Posted by Nolan Painting on November 18, 2018
measuring a missing piece of the hardwood floor

measuring a missing piece of the hardwood floorThere’s a reason homes continue to be built with wood, despite the emergence of other materials. In addition to the warm, traditional appearance it lends to any structure, it can last a long time when treated properly. As durable as it may be, however, it won’t last forever. Homeowners should be on the lookout for signs that the wooden elements of their properties might be starting to succumb to the ravages of time and the environment. When you see the first signs of wood rot, repair should be your top priority. Yet how do you know when it’s time to call a professional to fix it?

Below, learn about what to look for and why you should.

Signs of Rotting Wood

When rot sets in, it can spread for a long time before it becomes truly noticeable. Typically, it is caused by water seeping into beams, siding and other wooden portions of the house. At least a few times a year, you should make a visual inspection of your home inside and out.

Check for these indications of trouble:

  • Dampness: If the area appears to be wet even though it shouldn’t, it is probably a sign that it is beginning to rot.
  • Mold: Dark stains could be an indication of mold growth, which means there’s a good chance the wood is decaying.
  • Flaking paint: Beams, frames, sills or siding that are deteriorating will begin to lose paint in flakes.
  • Sponginess: If any parts of your house become soft to the touch or appear spongy, this is a strong indicator that rotting is occurring.

Common areas where these issues could be found are places that come into the most contact with water and may be hidden from sight. These include the bottoms of garage doors, areas behind gutters, and the bottoms of windowsills and door frames on the shady sides of the home.

Why Repairing Rotten Wood Is Important

Even if it’s only a small area, rotting needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. That’s because any weak spots make it easier for water to soak into the wood and cause further harm. Repairing a smaller area is much more affordable than attempting to fix widespread damage. It also helps prevent rodents, insects and other pests from finding their way into your walls.

Why Contact Nolan Painting?

We have extensive experience with repairing rotten wood anywhere it may appear around your property. Our expert team will remove any rotting sections and replace them with durable, weatherproof composite/PVC materials.

When you contact us to provide professional carpentry services, you’ll benefit from our know-how and skill. We’ll put your house back into great shape with a paint job to match so you’ll be able to continue enjoying it for many years to come.