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Five New Colors For the New Year

Posted by Nolan Painting on January 28, 2019
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Both the new year and winter have just set in and we are already eagerly awaiting spring with the longer days and sweetly-scented breezes.  And while you may not realize the affect our surroundings have on our mood, certain colors can work wonders to lift our spirits and put us in mind of a favorite time, place or season. These five colors—lavender, turquoise, pink, coral and indigo are making their way into fabulous designer projects with revitalized strength, saturation and fervor.

Try one, or several of these newly re-discovered colors in your next project to reap the benefits of colors that invigorate the spirit and add an optimistic tone to your day.  Just try to view the fabulous rooms below without smiling… oh happy day!

And remember, enjoy your home and make it yours!


Lavender has been sadly overlooked in recent years, but it’s making a comeback — and that’s a good thing. Lavender is one of the most soothing colors out there, perfect for creating a relaxing, rejuvenating atmosphere. Not sure? Think the color of spring crocuses coming to life after the last frost. Pair with cream and brown or other neutrals for a sophisticated palette that’s unexpectedly calming.

This gorgeous room below employs varying tones and shades of lavender to add sumptuous elegance.


Think shimmering Pacific waters and cool island breezes. Turquoise brings vibrancy to your space — whether you choose an intense, saturated shade or something a little softer. A turquoise wall color pairs beautifully with cool neutrals to balance the color’s intensity. The right shade of turquoise sets the stage for a refreshing, resort-like atmosphere that might just take you back to your last tropical vacation — or inspire this year’s summer adventures, no matter what 2019 has in store.

Below, this breakfast area is saturated in turquoise, both walls and trim, for a bright, yet traditional feel.


Another soothing color that brings plenty of sophistication to a space, pink — think the color of a summer sunset — is back. And it’s beautiful. Style pink the right way, and you’ll be blown away by the results. This pink is a far cry from your niece’s nursery; it’s a warm, classy color that’s both elegant and fun, and it might be the unexpected change your space needs.

Yes, walls and even trim like pictured below can be pink and fabulous!  Pick your favorite shade of lip gloss and go for it!


It’s not quite pink, not quite orange, but it’s bursting with life. The coral tones of the summer sun (or tropical flowers) is the perfect color for an inspiring space that’s bursting with life. Not committed to an entire coral room? Try an accent wall or a half-wall in coral tones. You’ll be amazed at the vitality it brings to your space. You might also be surprised at how beautifully coral pairs with a huge variety of colors, from sky blues to greens, jewel tones and even golds.

This bedroom has a lovely, masculine sensibility and the coral walls and drapes envelop you, like being wrapped in the warmth of the sun.


This peaceful hue, blue, gives both warm and cool tones to any room. Blues give off a calm, cool and soothing vibe. The blue here pairs so well with a crisp white for the trim, ceiling and decor. Bold and inspiring come to mind here.


If you want to branch out and transform your look, but you’re not sure where to start, contact us today to talk to one of our color consultants. We go way beyond the season’s hottest colors. Our experts will talk to you about your style preferences, the
personality of your family and home, and the atmosphere you want to create with your space. We can also help narrow your color options so it’s easier to find the perfect shade for your spring update.