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7 Shades of Gray for your Home

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 29, 2019
Painted interior of residential home

Gray continues to be a very popular color these days. Many will say it is the perfect neutral! The challenge with the color gray is that there are many different types of gray color that have varying undertones. Gray tends to be very versatile because of its wide range of tones. A cooler gray has a lot of blue and can give a room a fresh, modern look. A warm gray can sometimes look beige and therefore giving it its nickname “greige”.

Considering gray home color schemes for various rooms of your house? There are a variety of different shades of gray paint, but here is a list of our personal favorites. The names of different shades of gray vary, just as their undertones and overall impact do.


Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Let’s start with one of our favorites, Revere Pewter. With its brown undertone, this is one of the warmest grays and can be used with many accent colors. The interesting thing about this color is that it changes in light. In natural sunlight is can look very gray, while in the evening, it can look more beige. This is great color if someone is looking to update their room.



Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Another great warm color is Agreeable Gray. Like Revere Pewter, it is a gray with a brown undertone.
This color is extremely versatile and subtle and can work well in almost any room.



Sherwin Williams Collonade Gray

If you are looking for a warm tone but with a tad more gray, Collonade Gray is a great one! It is a perfect
combination of cool and warm tones. This color will turn your room from drab to fab!



Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

This color is one of my absolute favorites! It is a cooler gray with a very slight warm undertone. Repose
Gray pairs well with bright white trim and darker wood floors. This color is light enough that it can
brighten up any dreary room.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

This is a great color if you are looking for a cooler tone with a blue undertone. Because this is a cooler
gray, it can tend to look blue.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

This gray is becoming very popular and has a cool green undertone. Even with the green undertone,
sometimes this gray can look blue. This color is very light and will brighten up your space.

Benjamin Moore Kendal Charcoal

Last but not least is Kendal Charcoal. This is a darker and deeper shade of gray than the others. It looks
beautiful as an accent color and I love using it for a kitchen island paired with white cabinets. This gray
gives a more dramatic look.


It is important to remember that when choosing a gray, the undertones will play a big part in how the color actually looks in your room or space. When choosing a gray color palette for your house, always look at your existing finishes and lighting in the room you are painting before you make your final decision.

Don’t forget our team of color experts can help guide you in your color selection for your home. Schedule a free estimate today and have one of our talented color consultants inspire and educate you on the best color choices for your home. Our customers feel relieved after their meeting and really enjoy this service.