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Six Enduring Stucco Color Combinations

Posted by Nolan Painting on April 26, 2019
stucco replacement

If you have a stucco home or partial stucco with stone, brick or siding sections, you may have noticed that over time your stucco has faded, stained, chipped, flaked or developed hairline cracks. To maintain the integrity of your stucco it is critical to make minor repairs before they worsen and require re-stuccoing.

After repairs, fresh coats of 100% acrylic house paint or an elastomeric coating allow you to restore your stucco close to its original color or select a color of your choice. These days, the sky’s the limit when it comes to color options. But before choosing your color, look to your immediate surroundings, then to those of your neighbors for color cues. This does not imply that you need to make your home look like your neighbors’. We all know that a street with a variety of housing styles and colors is much more attractive than a cookie-cutter street where everything looks similar. So, don’t be afraid to stand out a bit, it adds both interest and curb appeal.

Now the fun begins — color selection.

First, look to those exterior elements that will not be painted such as stone, brick, vinyl siding, roofing and even hardscaping for stucco color schemes and cues. Do these elements have a consistent undertone that can direct your overall color choice? Is there a color that complements these elements, or allows a key feature to shine?

1. Cohesive Stone

If you have sections of stucco on a predominantly stone home, it can be successful to visually meld the two materials with the use of a stone color for a cohesive facade. Or to provide an all stucco home with the warmth of stone, a color such as BM Briarwood or SW Mega Greige works wonders.

2. Timeless White

If the majority of the homes in your neighborhood are beige, consider white. White is
one of the best exterior paint colors for stucco as it’s timeless. Bright white, cool white,
warm white — you can’t go wrong.

BM White Dove – soft white with a hint of warm gray, not creamy yet very popular

Or this white: SW Oyster White – is a light warm greige with soft green undertones.

3. Perfectly Neutral

If white is not your style but you still want to remain light and neutral, stucco house color
schemes such as SW Neutral Ground, add body and manage not to go yellow or brown
or gray. It’s as the name suggests — perfectly neutral!

4. Refreshing Blue

If you want more color on your stucco, another classic direction is blue, such as BM
Nimbus Gray which serves to highlight the white architectural details of this home and
allows it to stand out from its neighbor. It feels fresh and clean, with a dose of optimism!

5. Classic Creams and Beautiful Buffs

While I understand that for many of you, any form of yellow is a no-no, it’s one of those
exterior color combinations for stucco houses that can really stand out from the crowd
while remaining historic in feel. This particular home is a French Provincial style so
yellow is an appropriate color choice as it is for a Classic Colonial incorporating black or
deep green shutters.

BM Flawless

6. Historic Gray

Yes, grays are extremely popular these days, but you do not need to fear that a gray
exterior will go out of style because it has already withstood the test of time. Gray
exteriors have a deep history in this area and make a striking statement against crisp,
white trim.

BM Coventry Gray