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7 Popular Front Door Colors

Posted by Nolan Painting on August 15, 2019
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Give your entryway a makeover by switching up your front door color. It’s one of the easiest, cheapest and most attractive ways to update your home.

Whether subtle and subdued or bold and vibrant, the color of the front door can enliven a traditional facade and express the homeowner’s unique style and personality. The front door is the centerpiece of your exterior and is often the first feature guests notice. To make a great first impression with your entryway, consider front door paint color ideas that run the gamut from soft neutrals to dramatic darker hues. The best color to paint your front door will be the
one that makes your spirits soar whenever you come home. Here are seven popular options.

1. Black
One of the best front door colors is a glossy black. It exudes elegance and is impossible to ignore. Adding black trim can make an even bigger statement. Consider Classic or BM Jet Black if you want the best black paint for the front door. These true black shades can help modernize any home and are especially effective when paired with a white or gray house.



2. White
White is classic and contrasts beautifully against a navy or teal home. This crisp neutral also exemplifies tidiness. Try opting for an off-white shade if you think a bright white would be too glaring. Using a monochromatic white color scheme on your house provides a neutral backdrop for accessories such as light fixtures and planters. If you have columns that frame the door, consider painting them a darker shade.


3. Green-Blue
Green-blue doors emanate a contemporary vibe. If you’re looking for the best green paint for the front door, try SW Drizzle 6469 (featured) or BM Stratton Blue hc-142. They’ll inspire dreams of the ocean with their green-blue hues, and are perfect for beach-inspired homes or quaint cottages.


4. Blue
Deep navy is a timeless, yet striking option for a front door. It pops against a white, gray or soft beige exterior color. BM Hale Navy (featured) and Sherwin Williams Naval 6244 are the best blue paint for the front door, as both feature the perfect mix of blue and black.


Outdoor navy blue painting5. Yellow
Is your exterior dark or gloomy? Are skies where you live more often cloudy than clear? Spruce up your house with a sunny yellow front door. It’ll bring an energetic and warm sensibility to your front entryway and tell guests that the inhabitants are likely to be logical, creative and positive individuals. If you’re searching for the best yellow paint for the front door, consider SW Yarrow 6669 and BM Stuart Gold (featured). These sunshine-inspired colors are sure to give you and your neighbors a daily dose of cheer.





6. Red
This primary shade may conjure the image of an all-American white house with a red door, black shutters and white picket fence. A red door radiates warmth, sophistication and comfort to passers-by. This bold and inviting hue is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your home’s exterior, especially if the house is painted in a neutral shade. Red also pairs well with brushed gold or nickel door hardware. Our best red paint recommendation for the front door may well be BM Cottage Red HC-184 (featured). This dark maroon hue has slight undertones of blue and is a great choice for homeowners who want the warmth of red but are wary of choosing a bright, attention-grabbing shade.


7. Gray
Dark gray may seem like an unconventional color for your home’s entrance, but the shade emanates mystery, elegance and sophistication. Homeowners with gray doors tend to appreciate the beauty of subtlety. A gray door is best used with other neutral colors or paired with contrasting trim or siding. Use BM Kendall Charcoal to achieve a striking, smoky gray color.


A fresh splash of color at your front door can make your house the most charming abode on the block. Not only does your door color express your personal style, but it’s an easy way to enhance your curb appeal and, ultimately, your home value.