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Mid-century Modern Paint Colors

Posted by Nolan Painting on October 7, 2019
interior of living room

Deep Teal

This sophisticated color pairs well with the warm medium tone woods of mid-century modern furniture. Its deep blue-green tones contrast well with the brass and gold finishings in mid-century decor and makes them pop and shine.

Emerald Green

Similar to deep teal, emerald green works well with the wood and brass of mid-century decor. Without the blue undertones, emerald green has an earthier, 1960s feel. Pair this rich tone with tan leather and black and white art for a great mid-century look.

Burnt Orange

Vibrant and earthy at the same time, burnt orange is a classic mid-century modern color. Working more monochromatically with the wood tones and leathers of mid-century modern decor, this energetic hue gives life to the neutral undertones of mid-century furniture and design elements.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is softer on the eye than traditional yellow. Its brown undertones give it style and sophistication. Mustard yellow works well with both dark and lighter colors. Its underlying warm tones compliment cooler greys, taupes, clay tones and crisp black and white.

Black and White

Adhering to a black and white color scheme is probably the easiest way to highlight mid-century design. Its simplicity compliments the clean and natural nature of mid-century furniture and decor. This neutral palette is harmonious with mid-century modern clean lines and modest designs.

Whether you want to incorporate mid-century vibes into a bedroom, hallway or bathroom, the interior home painters at Nolan Painting are here to help! To transform your space into a mid-century dream, contact us to get started with our color consulting assistance and services or bathroom painting services today!