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New Year, New Color

Posted by Nolan Painting on January 17, 2020
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If you are ready for a home refresh, check out the hottest painting colors trending this year—from the palest pinks to the boldest blues and deepest charcoals. There is a wide range of color combinations to keep the mood fresh, revitalized, and breathe new life into your space. We’re sharing the most popular paint colors we’re seeing this year and how to artfully incorporate them into your living space.


Continuing in popularity are soft pinks and blushes with their stronger cousins, burgundy and berry reining in the new year as well. Shades of pink and burgundy are flattering for most complexions and show us in our finest light be it in the bedroom, bath and even in the formal dining and living areas. Deeper shades such as burgundy feel new and fresh when combined by lots of white for a high contrast color scheme or with closer relatives of red and aubergine for a monochromatic scheme. These popular painting trends will be sure to modernize and reinvigorate a bland space instantly.

Colors to checkout: BM First Light and SW Wild Currant


Oh blue, how do I love thee blue, let me count the ways. Blue is by far the most popular paint color outside of the neutral palette. Be it a deep moody blue, a classic navy, a bold cobalt or the palest whisper of the shade, it is successful in every setting imaginable and we relish it for both its calming serenity and its enthusiastic fervor.

Navy continues to have its hay day, along with blue-greys and powder blues. But the invigorating shades of royal and periwinkle are ramping up for a swinging new year.

And once again, we see how old colors feel new and revitalized when combined with lots of white for a high contrast look or with similar shades for a monochromatic approach.

Colors to check out: SW Navel and BM Windmill Wings


No Surprise…Whites

White continues to reign supreme both in the world of high-end interior design and in the wider market. White produces a fresh, crisp backdrop for every design style, be it classical, mid-century modern, industrial, or cutting-edge, there is the perfect shade for every interior. One of the most sophisticated employments of whites is to apply the same shade to every surface in the space—walls, moldings and ceiling. And with this painting trend in high contrast color schemes, white is successfully offset with strong notes of charcoal or black.


A heavyweight contender in the world of most popular paint colors, marigold continues to rise in demand, from its humble rumblings last year as an accent color for accessories, to a full blown power-packed punch of saturated color. While it may not be for everyone, if it is to your liking, go full force with a bold statement.

Colors to checkout: SW Tassel and BM August Morning


And as always, enjoy your home and make it yours!

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