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Teenage Dream: Here’s Your Go-To Bedroom Paint Color Guide for Teens

Posted by Nolan Painting on April 14, 2020
Best Blue Color for Bedroom

Whether your teen’s room is due for an upgrade or they’ve found some bedroom inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest, sooner or later, your teen’s room is going to require a new paint job. Although the paint color choice will change from teen to teen, as the parent, you’re going to want to make sure they understand that their room isn’t getting a new paint job every week — meaning they’re going to want to choose paint colors that they’ll want to live with day in and day out now AND several years down the road. The color consultants at Nolan Painting are here to take some of the drama out of your teens’ lives (and let’s be honest, yours too!) with this bedroom paint color guide for teens:

Paint Colors for Teenage Boys That They Will Think are Lit

These days, teens aren’t constrained to traditional notions of what are “boy colors” and what are “girl colors”. However, cultural norms, peer pressure or personal preferences tend to lead teenage boys to have a proclivity toward certain color schemes. If your son is looking for a bedroom makeover, here are some popular choices that may pique his interest:

  • Navy blues: This is always a classic and pairs nicely with neutrals/white accents. We recommend In the Navy by Sherwin-Williams.
  • Light blues: A popular choice for boys and less “nautical” than a navy blue, this pairs well with brown or black furniture. We suggest Buxton Blue from Benjamin Moore.
  • Grays: Light and dark grays are a great color choice for a teen room makeover because they are always in style and can be paired with a variety of furniture styles. Check out Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore or Network Gray by Sherwin-Williams.
  • Neutrals: Teen boys tend to lean towards both warm browns and neutral beiges for their bedroom. For this teen bedroom DIY, you may want to opt for Felted Wool or Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams.
  • Sports team colors: Don’t be surprised if your teen boy wants his room painted in his favorite sports team’s colors! This is a popular teen room makeover choice and can be tastefully incorporated as an accent wall.

Paint Colors for Teenage Girls That They Will Vibe With

Similar to teenage boys, teenage girls are not committing to traditional colors of the past. With that being said, some teen girls may still choose a traditional color, others may choose an edgier color and others may opt for a neutral and funk up their room in other ways. If the time has come to repaint your teen daughter’s bedroom, they’ll think these hues are fire:

  • Pinks: This is still a popular paint color choice for teenage girls. If yours is leaning towards a light pink, Fading Rose by Sherwin-Williams or Odessa Pink by Benjamin Moore are great options that won’t look too childish. If they’re looking for a funkier option, they may want to use Begonia or Hot by Sherwin-Williams as an accent wall.
  • Purples: Like pinks, purple paint colors are still trendy for teen room makeovers. However, they’ll typically lean towards more grown up shades such as Wood Violet from Sherwin-Williams or Peace and Happiness from Benjamin Moore.
  • Navy blues: Turns out navy blue — such as Newburyport Blue from Benjamin Moore — is a popular choice for teen girls now, too!
  • Soft blues and greens: These paint colors are always a great option to create a relaxing, organic vibe in a bedroom. To achieve a mature but cool teen room makeover, teen girls will love Copen Blue by Sherwin-Williams, or they may prefer Yarmouth Blue or Hollingsworth by Benjamin Moore.
  • Neutrals: The Hygge lifestyle (a Danish trend that consists of coziness and comforting colors) is all the rage right now, so don’t be surprised if your teen daughter opts for a neutral paint color such as Sashay Sand, Malabar or Pearl Gray by Shewin-Williams. However, if they do end up choosing paint colors like this, they may also want to consider an additional teen bedroom DIY project like a bedroom mural or adding in pops of color with pillows, blankets or other decor items — this will keep them from getting bored with a neutral color scheme overtime.

Helping Your Teen with Their Bedroom Makeover

The most important thing for your teen’s bedroom makeover is choosing a color scheme that they will be happy with for years to come. To help them do this, sit down with them and show them Pinterest or Instagram accounts, magazine clippings or place different paint swatches in their room — this will help your teenager get a sense of what color schemes they like and what they will want for their room.

When you’re ready to paint your teenager’s bedroom, be sure to contact Nolan Painting for a high-quality, professional, home interior painting job every time. Also, to learn more about the right color for your space, check out this article from on Color Psychology.