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A Customer’s Letter on our Outstanding Services

Posted by Nolan Painting on May 26, 2020

We received this letter from a West Chester customer on May 26, 2020. We are delighted to learn of the amazing experience she received from our team. We feel we need to share it for all to read. Thank you Trina for your letter. It meant a lot to all of us and we truly value your business.

“My home is transformed into everything I dreamed it would be.”

“Dear Conal and everyone at Nolan,

I wanted to write your team a special thank you. I have always used your painting services and will continue to choose you every time. Your painters are talented, respectful of my home, clean and courteous. I was working from home at most days and they were so quiet I wasn’t even sure they were here.

The new soft color palette was impossible for me to envision, but you sent Christy, the color consultant, to my home to help me. Christy took so much care in choosing the perfect shade of soft muted gray and creamy white! She took her time going from room to room to make sure the color looked good in every light. I would have been lost without her talented service!

Max was great during the shut down for Covid. He communicated exactly what I was to expect during such an unsettling time. And when the time to start up began, I had made some additions to my project and his response was always: ‘absolutely, you got it, we will do that, no problem!'”.

The hard work and long hours that the crew put into every wall, everyday, blew my mind and the attention to detail did not go unnoticed. Coming early and staying late every day, they kept my project flowing flawlessly. At times, there was such a large crew and in any other situation, that would create chaos and disruption, but the team of Max, Richard, John, Alex, Damian, Carlos, Andrew and Joe, set to work without disturbing my home in any way.

During this time of ‘social separation,’ I was not able to thank them each individually, but I hope this message gets to them to let them know how much I appreciated all of the work that they did.

My home is transformed into everything I dreamed it would be.

Thank you.”

Customer Trina from West Chester.

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