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Working from Home? Time to Redesign Your Office Space with these Home Office Design Ideas

Posted by Nolan Painting on October 17, 2020
Office dark color

Working remotely from home has become common amid the current pandemic. This is making many homeowners look into creating an office environment at home that they enjoy spending their work hours in. We have several ideas about how to change an ordinary room in your home to a productive workspace that you look forward to working in. 

A Little Carpentry Can Go A Long Way

Another carpentry option that can be aesthetically appealing and efficient for storage is adding bench seating. A bench can be a nice option as a secondary seating option within the room. They are great under a window so that you can take a break from your desk and sit in the sun while reading over a document that doesn’t require a desk. 

Home Office Design Trends

Working remotely has brought people into your home that typically would never see your home! If you want to make sure that your home looks its best on your next zoom call, check out some of these home office design ideas that will be sure to impress your colleagues. 

Shiplap, while traditionally used on the exterior of buildings, is now trending for interiors as well. Not only is it relatively inexpensive, but it is also easy to install and requires little to no refinishing. 

Wainscoting or beadboard with crown molding at the top can truly transform the look of a space! These simple updates can take an ordinary wall to a whole new level and make your space look polished. 

Office dark color

Natural wood with a stain can create a fancier look. Wood is timeless, so it will never go out of style and go well with different pieces as your style evolves.