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A Day in the Life of a Painter at Nolan Painting

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 3, 2021
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What do Nolan Painters do in a Day?

When I talk to people interested in joining the Nolan Painting team, I’m often asked “What is a typical day like?” The truth is, what our painters do in a day may change from day to day as what or where you’re painting always changes. You could be on a job site for one day painting a room or two in a home, or you could spend multiple weeks at a residential complex. However, what doesn’t change is our painting process. It allows us to continually provide quality work, exceptional service, and complete customer satisfaction.

Nolan Painting Process

Our painters arrive at a customer’s home at 7:00am each day unless a customer has approved an alternate start time. Team members travel directly from their home to the job site so we do our best to place individuals with the team closest to their residence to minimize travel. Each team typically has 2-5 painters and apprentices, although larger jobs may require more. Because painting is a social experience we try to keep team members together to build camaraderie. This is especially important since team members interact frequently during the day, whether it be through details about the job, social conversation, or music interest (when approved by the customer).  

On the first day, the job leader introduces himself/herself and the team to the customer, and then conducts a walkthrough of the home to confirm what is listed on the job scope. Once complete, the team begins setup procedures, assesses all safety factors to consider during a safety huddle, and preps each room for painting. After the first day, the team greets the customer and begins the setup process while the job leader talks with the customer to ensure they have no questions or concerns. To ensure we provide the Nolan Experience every time, each team member is trained on the entire painting process using a combination of training presentations, videos, and on-the-job training.

Paint and supplies can be picked up by a team member prior to the job starting from an authorized Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore paint store. Or for larger jobs, they can be delivered to the job site by the paint supplier. Each paint can or bucket is labeled with the paint color on the lid, and team members verify the color and paint type for each room prior to painting. Once the paint is determined for each room, painters begin working using a top-down approach, meaning they start with the ceilings, then walls, and finally trim.

Teams typically break for lunch from 12:00-12:30pm, and then continue working until 3:30pm. If a customer approves a later time to finish, teams can remain on site longer. This is especially useful when there are less than 2 hours to complete a job, and staying to finish would be more beneficial than having to setup and clean an additional day. About an hour prior to the end of the day, they start the cleanup process. If a room is finished, or if a customer requests a room be accessible at the end of the day, the team ensures it is fully cleaned and presented to the customer for review. If a room is not finished and the customer approves, teams can leave a room setup to minimize the prep work the following morning. This can include paper or cloth drops on the floor, furniture moved or centered, and plastic on the furniture.

Always Assuring Satisfaction

Prior to leaving for the day, the job leader verifies that the customer is fully satisfied with the work completed and the cleanliness of the work areas. On the final day, the job leader completes a full walkthrough of the job to ensure it meets the customer’s satisfaction. If a customer finds an issue that needs to be addressed, it can be completed either on the spot or with a scheduled touch-up visit as soon as possible. However, teams keep the customers updated throughout the job so they can make any corrections immediately. Before the team leaves the job on the final day, they are given the details for their next job where they can beautify another home!

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