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Innovations in the Paint Industry

Posted by Nolan Painting on May 6, 2021
emerald rain exterior coat

Paint is paint, right? Wouldn’t it be easy if one can of paint worked for every situation? Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated, which is why there are thousands of different formulations, used for many different surfaces and situations. In our world where technology seems to change by the day, paint chemists and manufacturers have developed innovative products and formulations. Here are a few that can make your next painting job even better!

Interior Products

Benjamin Moore Aura and Sherwin Williams Emerald are two of the finest interior products available. Both are extremely washable and fade-resistant. They cover beautifully when making drastic color changes, and develop deeper accent colors better than most products.


Benjamin Moore Scuff X

This is a fantastic new product that is not only washable but resistant to showing scuff marks to begin with. Perfect for high traffic areas, such as hallways, stairways, and mudrooms.

Scuff X


Cabinet Coat

It is a niche product that we use for kitchen cabinets and vanity refinishing. This unique formula dries hard and abrasion-resistant and is very resistant to moisture. It leaves a silky smooth satin gloss finish. Also a great choice for built-in cabinetry, and cubbies in your mudroom.


Sherwin Williams has developed two new products, just now available in 2021. The first is SuperPaint, with Sanitizing Technology. This unique product helps prevent the spread of bacteria on painted surfaces. The second is SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology. This formulation helps reduce common indoor odors so rooms stay fresher for a longer period of time.

Exterior Products

While not a new technology, elastomeric waterproof finishes for masonry surfaces have become more prevalent in their use over the last few years. Especially useful for stucco homes, these formulas seal, fill and bridge hairline cracks, and effectively waterproof porous surfaces. They will also help reduce unsightly stains that develop in unprotected stucco and masonry surfaces.

Rejuvenate is a product developed by Sherwin Williams. This product is specifically designed for homes with extremely weathered siding and trim surfaces, or surfaces with many coats of paint. This high build coating bonds extremely well, and gives aged and weathered siding a smoother, more uniform appearance.

Finally, hydrophobic coatings are a new classification of finishes that repel moisture unlike other coating systems. These finishes are self-cleaning, where dirt and accumulates are washed away with rain. Think Rain X. This may be an excellent choice to keep your home looking fresh for longer. Sherwin Williams Rain Refresh, and StoCoat Lotusan are two examples of this technology.

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