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Mid-Century Modern Paint Colors That Will Transform Your Space

Posted by Nolan Painting on February 24, 2022
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Homeowners that lean towards a mid-century modern style will spend countless hours researching this design to bring that special architecture era into their space. We know from experience that adding certain mid-century modern interior paint colors can have an immediate effect on giving you the look you are going for. Colors tell a story and evoke different periods of history for sure. 


We have a team of specialists who can assist you with mid-century modern paint ideas that will bring out features of your home that highlight that time period as well as further your design theme. Check out some of our top mid-century modern interior paint colors that we suggest to our customers who are going for that unique look.


Mid-Century Modern Paint Ideas For Your Home:

Terracotta Tile by Benjamin Moore: This color looks exactly like its name. Just like terracotta tile, this shade is a deep orange red color. It goes well as an accent wall or in a smaller space due to it’s bold tones.

Old Navy by Benjamin Moore: This color is also a deep tone. It’s dark navy blue that is striking when painted throughout a room. This is a great color for an office or den space. 

Golden Retriever by Benjamin Moore: The best way to describe this color is a gold tone of yellow. It’s a very rich shade of yellow with a slightly orange undertone.

Colonnade Gray by Sherwin Williams: This color is a beige gray. It’s a great neutral to go along with all of the bold colors of the mid-century modern era because it can go anywhere and looks great in sun filled spaces. 

Black Magic Sherwin Williams: If you like black, this is the color for you! It’s also a neutral tone that looks great on cabinets, exterior doors and shutters as well as areas that you would like to accent. 

Copen Blue by Sherwin Williams: This color lives in the teal family. It’s pretty quintessential mid-century modern, especially when paired with one of the colors above. It’s not a bold color which does mean that it could be used in a variety of spaces throughout your mid-century home.


Get Inspired!

Sometimes you need a little inspiration to choose a color palette for your space. Think about the furniture you currently have as well as some pieces that you may be adding in the future. All of these elements affect the color in a space. We suggest drawing on some images of inspiration as you plan out your space. Think of a storyboard concept. Rip out some pages from a magazine or print some images from the web to place together so that you can see what works together and what you may choose to change based on the colors and materials.


Transform Your Mid-Century Home Today With Paint That Tells Your Story

Every home has a story to tell, and mid-century homes most certainly do as well. Trust the team at Nolan Painting to guide you in choosing the right colors for your home, while also giving you the perfect palette for future growth. Choose the best local residential painting contractor in the area today! Call us at 610.572.2806 to start your project.