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Paint Your Office With One Of 2022’s Trending Home Office Paint Colors

Posted by Nolan Painting on February 24, 2022
Trending Home Office Paint Colors in 2022

Trending Home Office Paint Colors in 2022
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It’s more common than ever to work from home, whether it’s full time or on a hybrid basis. This trend has caused people looking for new places to live to care about what type of home office space is currently available in a home as well as current homeowners to invest in a home office space. 

We’ve all been on zoom calls where all of a sudden, one’s home office space is suddenly exposed. Allow us to help you spruce up your home office space, starting with the color on the walls! We’ve gathered together some of 2022’s top paint colors for a home office as well as factored in how colors make you feel to come up with our list. We always take into account the psychological effects of color and this is certainly an important factor in the space you need to be productive!

Check out our list below of the best paint colors for a home office.


Trending Home Office Paint Colors in 2022

Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore: This is a blue tone that looks great with a neutral palette surrounding it to really let the blue tones set the mood for the day. Blue evokes feelings of calmness, serenity and productivity.


St. John Blue by Benjamin Moore: This is a shade of teal that goes well with beige tones. Teal is a shade between blue and green, which means that it can make people feel some of the benefits of each color including the benefits of blue highlighted above as well as green which elicits safety, motivation, optimism and calmness. 


Arugula by Sherwin Williams: This is a deep shade of green. It’s a bold color for a bold style, but looks clean and refreshing at the same time. Since it’s part of the green family, its psychological benefits include all of the benefits we mentioned above for the color green!


Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams: This is a creamy shade in the white family. It provokes feelings of cleanliness and freshness. It can feel cold or sterile unless the room also includes warm or natural tones. It’s great for small spaces because this color can make a space feel larger. If you choose this color, we suggest adding some natural elements such as a plant or other accessories that warm up the space.


Granite Peak by Sherwin Williams: This color is in the blue family, but includes a fair amount of gray. Depending on one’s eye, you may think it was blue or gray. Gray creates feelings of balance and can be calming. It’s a neutral shade that is great for an office. 

Ready To Start Your Home Office Paint Project?

If you’re one of those people who is looking for a local residential interior painter who can guide you through the process, look no further than the team at Nolan Painting! Our team of experts can help guide you towards the perfect paint color for your home office space. We can share our experience in helping homeowners choose the best paint colors for a home office over the years with pictures of past projects to help you choose what’s right for your space! Call us today at 610.572.2806.