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How to Choose the Right Stucco Color for Your Home

Posted by Nolan Painting on April 27, 2022
stucco replacement

stucco replacementIf you’ve noticed your stucco exterior starting to look dull, chipped, or stained, it’s a clear indicator that it’s time for maintenance! To ensure your stucco remains long-lasting, the home improvement specialist, Nolan Painting, can advise if it is time to repaint your stucco. 

Choosing from one of the various stucco paint colors allows you to discover what you’re looking for in terms of your home’s facade. To begin the process of picking a color, an easy way to start would be to observe your home’s surroundings to ensure a cohesive look. As you observe, take note of color and style options you’d like to rule out. The professionals at Nolan Painting share how to choose the right stucco color for your home. 


Cohesive Stone

If your home has both stucco and stone exterior, you can use this as an advantage when choosing the right color. To unite the two exteriors, choose a stone color to ensure a cohesive facade. Or, if the exterior of your home is all stucco but missing the warming aspects stone provides, choosing stucco paint colors such as BM Briarwood (image here) or SW Mega Greige will do the trick.


Light and Neutral

Neutral colors are a popular choice to provide a light and clean exterior without opting for a shade of white. The shades are muted within the color and appear as if it lacks color, but neutral colors have underlying hues that change with contrasting lighting. Stucco paint colors such as SW Neutral Ground (image here) and SW Stucco are great options for that perfect neutral shade! 


Just the Right Amount of Pop

If you’re looking to add a touch of color to your stucco, the classic color blue can be the way to go. Adding colors such as BM Nimbus Gray  or BM Van Deusen Blue will provide the perfect pop of color you’re looking for and highlight the lighter colors on your home’s exterior. Take the chance and stand out with a refreshing color! 


Timeless Cream

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a classic look! BM Flawless is a perfect color to stand out amongst other homes in the neighborhood while still including the timeless look and feel. 


Pearly Grays

It can be assumed that gray will never go out of style! Gray has been a popular color for quite some time now, and it creates the right amount of boldness for the exterior of your home! If you’re looking to try it out on your stucco, check out colors such as BM Coventry Gray or SW Acier for a deeper tone.  Check out pictures of gray stucco homes here.

Elegant White

If color matching isn’t your thing, white stucco is a perfect go-to! When searching for the ideal white stucco paint, make sure to pay close attention to the undertones. Depending on the undertone colors within the white, the exterior may appear a different shade than you intended, given what kind of light reflects upon your home. Nevertheless, if you are considering a white stucco, try a color such as SW Oyster White which has beige and gray undertones that look soft and creamy.

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