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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Posted by Nolan Painting on April 15, 2023
can you paint vinyl siding

Yes, it is possible to paint vinyl siding. Updating your vinyl siding with a new coat of paint can be a great way to refresh the appearance of a home, however, it necessary to take precautions and follow the proper procedures to ensure a successful end result for your home.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding

It is important that the vinyl siding is thoroughly cleaned and free of any dirt, grime, and mildew before painting. This can be done by using a pressure washer or a cleaning solution specifically designed for vinyl siding.  When cleaning vinyl siding, we utilize pressure washing and mildew remover cleaners to kill surface mildew and algae growth.

Choosing the Right Type of Paint for Vinyl

Vinyl siding expands and contracts with temperature changes, so it is important to choose a paint that is flexible and able to withstand these movements without cracking or peeling.  The best finishes for vinyl siding are 100% acrylic paints. Acrylic resins (the resin is what gives a specific paint it’s properties, holds pigments in place, and bonds to the surface) have long been renowned for their color and gloss retention. They provide an incredible bond to vinyl surfaces, as well as remaining flexible. Flexibility is critical, as the coating system needs to be able to move naturally as vinyl surfaces expand and contract with temperature changes.

What Colors Should You Choose?

Vinyl siding is designed to reflect heat, so it is important to choose a lighter color that will not absorb too much heat and cause the siding to warp or buckle.  Vinyl siding can be painted in a similar depth color as the original siding color, or a lighter shade. Caution must be used when painting vinyl siding in a darker color. Darker colors will induce more heat from the sun and can cause the siding to warp and buckle. Some paint manufacturers offer a specific palette of vinyl safe colors, which are designed to reduce heat buildup and prevent warping. 

Improper preparation or application can result in a poor finish and may even damage the vinyl siding. Nolan Painting has the experience in painting vinyl siding for homeowners throughout the Greater Philadelphia area since 1979.  Contact us for a free estimate on your home today.