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5 Common Questions for our Color Consultants

Posted by Nolan Painting on October 10, 2023
Color consulting services from Nolan Painting

Meet Nolan Painting’s Color Consultants, Christy &  Shannon, & get their take on 5 common color selection questions

Our customers have been raving about their experiences working with Christy ever since she joined the Nolan Painting team in 2017. Christy’s favorite paint color is Benjamin Moore Pure White.

We’re so excited to welcome Shannon to the Nolan Painting team! Shannon is an experienced interior design and styling consultant and is already becoming a tremendous asset to our customers in choosing colors they’ll love for their home. Shannon’s favorite paint color is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.


1) I don’t even know where to begin in choosing a color for my home! How do I narrow down to a color scheme?


Shannon: I love to look at textiles in your home that you love. A pillow, a rug, or art are great ways to pull colors for your walls.


Christy: When looking around your home I will take note of primary and accent colors that repeat themselves in your personal fabric and accessory choices, helping me to understand what colors you are naturally drawn to for your home. Then, I’ll offer suggestions, be it neutrals or chromatic selections, that will work beautifully for your home. When selecting a wall color, you consider your fabrics, flooring, and art, especially if it is a commanding piece. With that said, the wall color does not have to “match” any of these items, but rather provide a lovely complement or quiet backdrop.

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2) Do you recommend painting every room a different color or are there occasions when you’d recommend the same wall color in more than one room?


Christy: Let your personal tolerance level for color set the tone. If you love color, then we should enliven your home with shades that make you happy. I will be there to guide you to ensure the colors are used strategically and flow gracefully throughout your home, and I can rein you in if needed .

On the other side of the spectrum, for lovers of neutrals, today’s trend is to limit the number of colors throughout a space, creating a calm and more open feel to your home. For example, painting your entire home in a shade of white is a trending and timeless approach to design.


Shannon: This is definitely a personal preference. As long as the colors flow and make sense together, it is totally fine to use a different color in every room. It is also ok to choose one color for multiple rooms and pull in other colors if you choose with textiles like your pillows, rugs, and curtains.

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3) Do you ever recommend painting traditionally white parts of a room (i.e. ceilings and trim) another color?


Shannon: Painting ceilings and mouldings the same color as the walls is definitely a trend we are seeing often. I personally love this look!


Christy: There is historic reference for this trend of saturating a room in a single color. When painting walls and trim the same color, we sometimes change only the sheen levels for this saturated aesthetic, such as using flat on the walls and gloss on the trim.

Painting the walls and trim in a single flat/matte finish is my personal preference. With this approach, I enjoy both a white ceiling or wrapping the wall color onto the ceiling. The ceiling decision is made based upon how deep your wall color selection is and the mood you are going for.

Another approach is to add an accent color onto a ceiling. If you want a touch of color in an unexpected place or are not committed to having color on all of the walls, a ceiling is an excellent surface to consider.


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4) What are your favorite projects as a color consultant?


Shannon: I am new to this specific position but I love meeting Nolan Painting’s nice clients. I love making people feel comfortable in their choices. I recently worked with a customer who was having a hard time choosing her cabinet color. Her kitchen gets a ton of light so it was tricky for her to decide based on the way the light comes in. We talked it through, nailed down her style, and chose a cabinet color she is thrilled with.


Christy: Even though I prefer neutral wall colors in my own home, I most enjoy working with strong colors. There have been several clients over the years who have loved saturated colors and these are always my favorite projects as it provides an excellent opportunity for creativity. I love the joy that color can bring to a home.

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5) For your own home, do you prefer neutral colors or bold colors?

Christy: My walls are all white. I do love color, but I also love changing colors. So for me, I prefer to bring my color into a room through accent pillows, art, and accessories which can be changed out along with my moods.


Shannon: For my own home, I love blues and beiges. I am more bold with my accessories than with my paint colors.  However, in small spaces such as bathrooms, I go bold with color.

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Did you know that Nolan Painting offers complimentary color consultations to our customers once they’re ready to move forward with their project? It’s a service that our clients love to use in preparation for painting their home. Contact us today!