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Nolan Painting: The Many Colors of Leadership

Since its founding in 1979, Nolan Painting has steadily grown into the largest and most successful family-owned residential painting company in southeastern Pennsylvania. Much of the success can be attributed to consistent quality workmanship and an absolute focus on 100% customer satisfaction. Hand-in-hand with these factors is a commitment to leadership—and leadership, like a painter’s palette, includes many colors.

At Nolan, one way of leading is by staying ahead of the curve when it comes to industry innovations. Nolan has invested in the latest tools of the painting trade, including contemporary equipment like the Festool dustless sander and high-reach lift machines that allow its painters to safely go places where the competition simply cannot.

As an established leader, Kevin Nolan, the company’s founder and CEO, has become an in-demand public speaker, lending his insight to others at industry forums, Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, as well as vocational schools.

Perhaps nowhere is Nolan Painting’s leadership more apparent than in its unwavering support of the community. Through its Nolan in the Neighborhood initiative, the company is an active community partner – attending, volunteering and sponsoring road races, concerts, festivals, silent auctions, shows and sporting events throughout the Delaware Valley. In all, Nolan Painting reinvests approximately $100,000 each year back into the communities it serves.

Nolan Consulting Group

Nolan Consulting Group

Nolan Painting also demonstrates its leadership through best business practices, on-the-job training and unmatched employee benefits. Along with his brother Brian, Kevin consults with painting businesses and other small business owners across the country under Nolan Consulting Group which was formed in 2003. Nolan Painting uses its successful business model, which is based on high-quality work, customer service and community outreach, to help painting contractors around the country grow their own businesses. Together, both brothers Kevin and Brian help painting businesses and other small-business owners achieve more consistent, predictable results and realize profitable growth. Nolan Consulting Group provides real-life solutions to issues facing growing companies. Summit’s mission is to help small businesses reach their summit through the implementation of business systems, sales training and leadership development.

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