Newtown Square Interior Paint Job with Carpentry

Newtown Square Interior Paint Job with Carpentry

Paint Request

This Newtown Square family needed the entire interior of their home painted. But what made this job a special challenge was a decorative idea that the customer had in mind for one of her son’s bedrooms.

Nolan’s Solve

Our top sales estimator, Jim Falk, met with the customer to review the scope of work and discuss key details about the job.

“I was sold on the thoroughness of the estimate,” the customer explained.  “Jim documented everything and took the time to ask relevant questions. He was curious and interested. But most importantly, I was impressed by Jim’s confidence and can-do attitude.

“I had a different idea for my one son’s room that involved carpentry. I wanted random size planks on one wall painted in different, bold colors. Jim was like ‘game on, let’s do this.’ It was not a simple concept  but Jim understood it right away. I was also relieved to learn that Nolan was able to do the carpentry. So the job went seamlessly.”

Nolan’s  painters and carpenters took off the bottom baseboard of one wall and replaced it with a big chunky one for the top and bottom. In between the baseboards, our crew attached different sized planks of wood. We painted the walls a light pale gray and used bright yellow, blue and green colors for the planks.

Happy Customer

“I was happy with the entire interior paint job, but I especially loved how Nolan brought my vision to life in my son’s bedroom.”

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