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Ways to Spice Up Your Home With Painting Services in Devon, PA

Who has the time or money to invest in a complete renovation of their home? Getting all new floors, windows, carpets, and furniture is too expensive and time-consuming. Thankfully, a can of paint will do the trick just as well to change things up in your house. Contacting residential painters in the Devon, PA 19333 area is one of the best ways you can freshen up your home without spending too much money. At Nolan Painting, the best residential painting company in Devon, we strive to provide you with the best painting services in Devon so you can fully enjoy a new and updated look in your home. While painting the exterior of a house is a great way to increase home value, painting the interiors adds not only home value but a more enjoyable atmosphere for you and the family. Consider some of these ways you can spice up your home with interior painting in the Devon, PA 19333 area.

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When you search “interior painters near me”, Nolan Painting will show up because we are the largest and best painting contractor out there. No need to search any further, we are your go-to house painting company that will deliver professional, quality and reliable painting services. We have color consultants on staff to help guide you in selecting the right paint color for your Devon home. Below are some paint ideas for your home.

Don’t Be Afraid of Dark Colors: Although painting a room with dark colors may scare you with the lack of light, rooms with dark paint can really accentuate the silhouette of your furniture. We suggest doing this with rooms that have windows, so natural light can still provide the room with some light exposure. Painting walls with a strong color can add extra depth to your room, making it look completely different! 

Use Vibrant Colors: Painting with all neutrals can lead to boredom and every room looking and feeling the same. Think about adding something new with bright and vibrant colors to give a room an uplifted look. There’s no need to go totally crazy with a neon yellow or green, but choosing a brighter, different color can be just enough to change the look of your interior. 

Consider an Accent Wall: You can introduce a bold color here. Bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms are great places to put accent walls. These rooms often have features, whether structural or decorative, that can be brought out with the right color accent wall. They’re also places you and your family or guests will spend a lot of time in.  

Paint Over Brick: If you have exposed brick in your interior home, adding paint over it can bring you some much-needed updates. This look will provide you with a fresh and textured look that leaves you thrilled! Simple white or a dark color like gray or navy blue look especially great when painted over brick to give you just what you need for a fresh appearance. 

Try Color Blocking: Choose one wall as the focal point of the room and paint it in a different color to enhance its ability to draw the eyes’ attention. This method gives more dimension to a room and the slight pop of color will be perfect for an instant refresher. 

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At Nolan Painting, we promise to get the job done on time. Our expert residential painters are just what you need to give your Devon house a new feel. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and materials in the Devon area. Look no further for top-notch Devon, PA interior house painting that will leave you thrilled to have a fresh interior without having spent too much money!

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“Nolan Painting was outstanding! They were professional at all times and the Supervisor would stop in almost daily to check on any additional needs or concerns. The painting job was beautiful and each day everything was cleaned and put away. If you want a great job with reliable people, Nolan Painting is the way to go!!! I would recommend them every time!” —Pat Andruczyk