Residential Painting in Lower Merion, PA

When redecorating your home, you may consider changing several things about its interior design to get the new look you want. While new furniture and appliances can bring new energy to a room, nothing changes and refreshes your space like a unique paint color. Your style is evident in everything you do, including how you decorate and paint your home. This is why it can seem like such a daunting task to find a color that compliments your taste.

Our experts at Nolan Painting understand this better than anyone, and with service to Lower Merion, your search for house painters near 19083 has reached an end. Continue reading for our tips on how to elevate your home by using color and decorative techniques.

How to Choose a Paint Color

Before you get started looking over swatches, you should think about what you are using the room for and how you want to feel while you do. Since color plays a lot in our psychology and our mood, this is an important step. For example, the paint color in your bedroom should make you feel calm and serene, while the paint color in a playroom should make you feel young and lively. 

Some other tips to help you consider the desired mood and tone of your room include choosing bright, saturated colors like yellow, orange, or red to bring energy into the space. This might be effective in a room where friends and family convene, like a dining room, living room, or kitchen. Another tip would be to incorporate muted or gray tones in a more profound or sophisticated space like an office, for example. 

Keeping these tips in mind and using magazines to help you visualize your intentions with the room(s) will ensure that you create a space that reflects your personality using the power of color. 

Decorative Interior Paint

Another decorative tool we at Nolan Painting utilize is accent walls or stripes/chevron patterns. An accent wall is painted a different, contrasting color to the rest of the walls in the room and it exists as a focal point. This can draw attention to a piece of furniture or an area where you may have interesting architecture or windows. Where you decide to put your accent wall is personal and unique to you!

Texture is another great way to accentuate one or two walls in a room. At Nolan Painting, our experts offer patterns like chevron or stripes that add dimension. Metallic paint color may also be used to achieve this. 

Use Nolan Painting for Your Next Decorative Interior Paint Project!

All of the options might seem overwhelming at first, but before you know it, you’ll be having so much fun using color to express yourself in your home. Additionally, our experts at Nolan Painting are prepared to advise and provide consultation on your interior painting service near 19083 and will double-check your final choice to ensure you are satisfied once you see it on the walls. If you are looking for highly qualified interior painting services near Lower Merion, then simply call (610) 572-2806.