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Enhance the Value & Curb Appeal of Your Home

Are you looking to increase your home’s value or enhance your curb appeal? Is the exterior of your house outdated and in need of a facelift? Do you want your home to reflect your style and personality? If you are in the Montgomery County, Bucks County, or Greater Philadelphia, PA area and you are searching for a home exterior refresh, then consider repainting the outside of your house! 

When searching for a reliable and trusted company for your exterior home updates, consider hiring the experts at Nolan Painting. Since 1979, Nolan Painting has been providing experienced painting home exterior services to the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. We are an exterior home painting company that specializes in delivering high-quality finishes that will keep your home looking fresh for years to come. 

Nolan Painting takes pride in continuously training and educating all of our exterior painters. Additionally, all of our employees have completed our company’s formal painting apprenticeship program.

Nolan Painting is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm. On every job site, the crew leaders are EPA Certified Renovators, and all of our employees have received lead-safe training. Nolan Painting ensures using the right tools and equipment for all exterior home updates and painting services. Our high-quality premium paint guaranteed consistent good results. 

Our Exterior Painting Services:

When a home exterior painting job is done poorly, it begins to peel within a year. Our team of exterior house painters thoroughly inspects, preps and seals every surface of the property before 2 coats of paint are applied.

Not only do we offer home exterior painting, but we also offer exterior commercial painting for your business. If you are looking to keep your business looking great, contact us today for our commercial exterior painting services!

Nolan Painting provides a written two-year warranty on all exterior painting. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our work.

We also keep the customer experience headache-free. We are courteous, arrive on time, respect your home and keep the work area neat. Our painters go the extra mile to ensure your lawn and garden are kept looking neat and clean through the project.

Exterior Paint Preparation

Before starting any home exterior refresh, the first step is properly preparing the surface. Nolan Painting prides itself on providing top-notch exterior painting services with every job. We start each project by protecting all necessary areas with drop cloths. Then, we scrape the surfaces by peeling previous paint and sanding. 

Next, Nolan’s team will fill in any cracks in the wood with latex caulk to lock our moisture. If the wood needs any repair, we will notify the customer and suggest the proper carpentry repairs. Areas of bare wood will be primed and then we will start painting! When the job is complete, paint residue and debris will be cleaned up and removed from the site. Any unused paint will be left with you for future touch-ups. 

Nolan’s Dustless Sander Festool Exterior

Back in 2014, Nolan Painting added a tool to each of our trucks that changed paint preparation and cleanup forever! This tool is the Dustless Sander, also known as the Festool Rotex RO 90 DX Multi-Mode Sander.

Previously, the process of sanding resulted in enormous amounts of dust and debris. This tool was painfully necessary. Its innovative approach has simplified our process and made our services more efficient.

In the greater Philadelphia area, there is a higher risk for lead paint in homes built before 1978. Unfortunately, when we would sand the old way, dust containing lead would be released into the air. We do not have to worry about this concern with the Festool CT HEPA Dust Extractor! The vacuum and filter are connected directly to the sanding tool, and capture dust as it is released, greatly reducing the chance of particulates filtering through the air.

The last amazing feature of the Dustless Sander is the wheels that are large enough to maneuver over any surface when being gentle on your floors! The Festool Rotex RO 90 DX Multi-Mode Sander and dust extractor assure that you can enjoy faster, cleaner prep work and virtually no cleanup at the end. However, our service doesn’t rely 100% on tools. We never cut corners when preparing your home for paint, but we’re happy to say that our new tool makes the Nolan Painting experience even more pleasant for all our valued clients.

The Nolan Painting Difference 

Searching the Montgomery County, Bucks County, or Greater Philadelphia, PA area for an exterior painting company can be stressful. If the job is done poorly, it will begin to peel within one year. Our painters thoroughly inspect, prep, and seal every surface before applying two coats of paint. 

Nolan Painting strives to provide stress-free exterior painting services to our customers. Some of our advantages include: 

  • Free estimates: We’ll never charge you for an estimate and you won’t have to worry about hidden fees. We’ll be upfront and include details in our estimate so you know what to expect and whether you can fit our cost for painting the exterior of a home into your unique budget.
  • Free color advice: If you hire us, we’ll work with you to come up with the perfect color and design for the exterior and interior of your home. We want you to be fully satisfied with the final product.
  • Speed: We get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. Once we come up with a schedule, we stick to it and strive to meet or exceed the timelines we give. You can expect our services to be done on time no matter how large the project is.
  • Community outreach: At the end of the day, we’re a local, family-owned company with roots in the community. We want to give back what we’ve gotten from serving this area, so we’re on a mission to raise $1 million over the course of 10 years. When you choose Nolan Painting to finish your home exterior painting, you’ll know your money is going to a good cause on top of every other benefit you’ll get to enjoy.

Why Choose Nolan Painting For Your Exterior Home Painting Services? 

Are you ready to start your exterior home painting service? Nolan Painting wants our customers to have a headache-free experience. While offering a two-year warranty on every exterior painting job, Nolan promises to be courteous, arrive on time, respect your home and belongings, and keep the work area neat and clean. Our highly-trained painters go the extra mile to ensure your lawn and garden remain looking fresh throughout the entirety of the project. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate! 

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Service Areas: We provide services to the following areas, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia, and the Main Line.