Stucco Exterior Painting Services

There’s nothing like the look of stucco on your home’s exterior. However, unless you take care of stucco properly, it can look nothing like it should. Although many people choose it because it is relatively low maintenance, it still requires the occasional refresh to keep it looking attractive and in good health. Fortunately, Nolan Painting has the right combination of experience and skill for painting stucco siding. We do whatever it takes to ensure your walls are at their best, thanks to our expert service.

Protecting Your Investment

Exterior stucco painting services are necessary every so often because they help restore and protect your finish. Over time, harsh weather and the natural buildup of dirt can lead to cracks, pitting and fading. With expert stucco painting, your house can return to looking like new. The natural texture of the surfaces will appear cleaner, and the entire structure will be better protected against water damage and pests.

Professional Help Matters

When you choose us to paint your home’s exterior, you’ll benefit from our expertise and extensive capabilities. We have a team of seasoned professionals who know exactly what it takes to have these types of exteriors looking their best while providing the highest overall value to you. We’ll start by giving your walls a deep clean with power washing equipment. Next, we make sure that any holes or cracks are filled and sealed before we start working. We also do whatever priming is necessary, so the paint adheres successfully. Finally, we give your home two applications of high-quality paint — using rollers and sprayers to achieve a uniform coating.

Nolan Painting takes pride in being the best contractors in the region. We set out with the goal of complete customer satisfaction every time. This is why we always offer a two-year warranty on all of our work. When homeowners choose us, they receive the highest levels of courtesy and professionalism. We always arrive on time, give your property the utmost respect, and do whatever it takes to keep your yard and garden clean during the project.

Experience the Nolan Painting Difference

Serving the Philadelphia area since 1979, we’re proud to be a family-owned company that takes an active role in the community. For these reasons and many more, there’s no better choice to use our professional paint services. For further information about what we can do for you or to receive a free estimate, contact us today.