Vinyl Siding Exterior Painting Services

If you chose vinyl siding for the outside of your house, it is likely you did so because it offered an affordable, low-maintenance alternative to wood or stucco. However, even though it doesn’t require the same level of attention as those other options, time still can catch up with it. Over the years, it can start to appear faded and dingy after extended exposure to the sun and the elements.

A common misconception about vinyl is that once it loses its looks, you need to scrap it and replace it. Nothing could be further from the truth! Giving your property a fresh look by painting your vinyl siding is possible, and the experts at Nolan Painting can handle it all for you.

The Easy Way to Brighten Your Home

One of the strongest advantages of vinyl is that it is very durable. Even though it may appear to be worn, it can continue to last and protect your home from moisture. Applying a fresh coat of paint to it does more than give it a cleaner, brighter appearance. It also helps enhance its durability and longevity before needing to be replaced.

Trust the Professionals

Proper care for this type of siding requires specialized knowledge. We’re the best choice among vinyl siding painting contractors because we have the expertise and skills to do what’s right for you. Our experienced professionals know the exact formulations to achieve the best results. We start by giving your house a thorough cleaning with our power washing equipment. Next, we will apply any primer that may be necessary, depending on your exterior and its condition. Finally, we will provide an even coat of paint that will have your walls looking like new again.

We’re proud of our ability to handle virtually any type of project you may have. Our goal is to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction on every job. This is why we always offer a two-year warranty. We strive to provide the highest levels of courtesy and professionalism. Our team always arrives on time, treats your property with the utmost respect, and concentrates on keeping your yard and garden clean.

The Clear Leader

As a family-owned business serving the greater Philadelphia area since 1979, there is no better choice for meeting your home’s needs. We take an active role in our community, and we’re eager to show you why we’ve earned a leadership position in the marketplace.

For more information about what we can do for you or to receive a free estimate, contact us today.