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A Day in the Life of a Painter at Nolan Painting

NOVEMBER 18, 2020

What do Nolan Painters do in a Day? When I talk to people interested in joining the Nolan Painting team, I’m often asked “What is a typical day like?” The truth is, what our painters do in a day may change from day to day as what or where you’re painting always changes. You could […]


Office dark color

Working from Home? Time to Redesign Your Office Space with these Home Office Design Ideas

OCTOBER 17, 2020

Working remotely from home has become common amid the current pandemic. This is making many homeowners look into creating an office environment at home that they enjoy spending their work...


Update Your Living Space: Simple Home Improvements To Create Additional Functional Space in Your Home

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

During this time of living in a COVID-19 world, families are home more than they have ever been before. The way that we lived in our homes has changed and...


Need a New Zoom Background for your Office?

AUGUST 27, 2020

Now that more of us are working from home these days, we are using our space differently. Why not spruce it up by updating the paint colors and/or adding in...


3-Toned Kitchen Designs

AUGUST 4, 2020

While everyone has been obsessed with white kitchens for the past few years, we have been seeing more and more colors creeping into this heavily used space, particularly on the...


Step Up Your Stucco: Here are 5 Reasons You Should Paint Your Stucco

JULY 10, 2020

Stucco is a popular home exterior siding choice because of its soft, earthy hue and overall aesthetic appeal, but like other siding options, it requires maintenance from time to time....


How COVID-19 Has Impacted Home Life and the Home Improvement Industry

JUNE 26, 2020

Observations from Our Contractors: To say that COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s life is an understatement. However, unlike many other industries, the home improvement industry has soared during the coronavirus quarantine. To...