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Wallpaper Removal Made Easy

Posted by Nolan Painting on June 16, 2015
Interior wallpaper in a bathroom

Choosing a new look for your home can be extremely exciting. These days the color choices seem endless and a home makeover can be a project that requires special attention, especially if your walls are covered with wallpaper. That leaves you with the unpleasant task of wallpaper removal.

Wallpaper has evolved over the years to include different colors, patterns and textures that are currently in style. But the real question is, has it become easier to remove? The answer: not really, it still proves to be more difficult to remove than to apply.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that homeowners run into when renovating.

  1. Multiple layers pose a unique problem when removing wallpaper. Layers of wallpaper can prove more difficult to remove because of the buildup of glue.
  2. Inexperienced homeowners can cause significant damage to the drywall.

At Nolan Painting we take every precaution before tackling an entire room of wallpaper. Because we are unable to tell exactly how long the removal will take, we start with a 1 x 1 square foot of space and test the ease of removal. This gives us an idea of how easily the remainder of the paper will come off the walls. If removal proves difficult, we approach it in a number of ways to ensure the best outcome.

Wallpaper removal that is difficult but manageable may require the walls to be debrided with sandpaper. This essentially scratches the wall to prepare the area for removal. Nolan uses the Festool for this process. Each of our service vehicles is outfitted with a Festool, which offers highly efficient sanding without the mess. After the sanding process is complete the walls are ready for an application of a stripper or surfactant and soap to keep the surface wet. This helps the paper practically fall off the walls. It is imperative before moisture is introduced to the walls that all electrical outlets are taped, all power to the switches is off and baseboards and hardwood floors are covered.

There are cases where wallpaper just can’t be removed without causing serious damage to the walls. When this happens an oil based primer can be used to cover the wallpaper. Before the primer is applied the seams are patched and sealed to give the finished product a seamless look.

After the seams are patched and dried, the wallpaper can be painted over with the primer.

It’s important to keep in mind that if your wall paper has texture, whether it be graded or a pattern, this will show through the paint.

At Nolan Painting, our team has years of experience in specialized treatment of application and removal of wallpaper. Contact our team today and let us show you how to create a gorgeous new look for your home!