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Painting Over Dark Paint Colors

Posted by Nolan Painting on June 26, 2015
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How to Paint Over Dark Walls

Dark colors look great when you first paint them on. If and when you choose a dark color for one of your rooms, it’s most likely because you simply fell in love with the color, or because it matched a piece of furniture, or because that shade was recommended in a style or design magazine.

However, just as with any paint color, it won’t last forever. Along with fading over time, maybe the trends will change. You could just get tired of looking at the same shade every day. You want to repaint, but you don’t take action due to one thought: Painting over dark colors is difficult. Painting over any dark color is tough, but painting over red walls is one of the most significant challenges. Always think twice before choosing red in the first place. If in doubt, consider professional color consulting.

Yes, we’ve all tried painting over a dark color at one time or another, only to find it still peeking through the new color. This is incredibly frustrating, and it probably leaves you wondering: What’s the secret to how to paint over dark colors? The good news is this: There is a solution that lets you paint even light colors over dark blues and blacks. The key is to follow this proven process, and you’ll be able to paint your dark walls any new color you like. So, enough with wondering how to paint over dark colors. Here’s a solution that works:

Step One: Prep. When you’re wondering how to paint over dark colors, you need to realize it all starts with preparation. You’ll want your walls to be as clean as possible. Clean them thoroughly, and then scrape away any paint that’s peeling or any other spots on the wall that aren’t smooth. You want your dark-colored walls to look as pristine as possible before you start the process of covering them up.


Step Two: Choose a Primer. You’ve probably heard about primer before, but perhaps you’ve never had the occasion to use it. Well, now is the time. When painting over dark walls, you always need to start with primer. Primer is an undercoat that increases durability and creates a surface that promotes better adhesion. Find a quality primer and apply as directed on the can. The better the primer you choose, the fewer coats you’ll need. If you’re in doubt about the right primer for your dark walls, visit the hardware store or paint store and get some expert guidance. Residential painting professionals should always be experts at how to paint over dark colors.


Step Three: Apply the Primer. You’ll most likely need at least two coats of primer — maybe three for the darkest of walls. This isn’t the place to cut corners. If you don’t put on enough primer, it won’t matter if you’ve found the best paint to cover dark walls. Multiple thin coats of primer work better than one thick coat because coats promote evenness. Priming your walls gives you all sorts of options. Even if you choose the lightest paint you can find, it will dry true to color without any of the old, darker color peeking through. Once you’ve properly primed your dark walls, it’s time to apply the best paint to cover dark colors in one coat.


Step Four: Paint. Find the best paint to cover dark walls — that is, always go for quality. If you want the best paint to cover dark colors in one coat, you’re going to need a quality option — the discount stuff just won’t cut it. Much like choosing a quality primer, a quality paint will further improve your chances of fully blocking the old and dark paint. You can find paints that require only one coat, but go for two coats to ensure your dark walls are fully hidden. Don’t be discouraged if you need two coats, even when you have the best paint to cover dark walls. It’s far better to apply a second coat and get the results you want rather than applying just one and feeling disappointed about the way your home looks.

Let the Pros Handle It

At Nolan Painting, we’re your interior painting experts and go-to guide for painting over dark walls. Since 1979, we’ve been serving home and business owners throughout the Main Line area,  Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Philadelphia counties. We can answer questions and provide outstanding service when you need help painting over dark colors. Make sure your home looks its best when you choose the best to paint over dark walls — Nolan Painting is always glad to help.

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