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5 Areas of Your Home That You Should Consider Painting This Winter

Posted by Nolan Painting on January 22, 2018
white kitchens

It’s been a well-kept secret until now: winter is an excellent time to paint the interior of your home. Professional painting services can better fit in your requests and you can take advantage of cooler temperatures outside to stay indoors and get the job done. Winter lighting also happens to be ideal for painting, meaning you’ll get the best results for your home.

The best rooms to paint in winter include:

cool colored bedroom


With shorter days in winter, you’re probably spending lots of time in the bedroom — and the way you paint your room and decorate this space can have a big impact on how well you sleep. A new color and a freshening of your sleeping space can help you get better shut-eye all night long. After the guests have left following the holidays and before they show up for the summer, guest bedrooms often need a brightening-up. The winter months are a wonderful time to do this.

Living Rooms interior painting

Living rooms can take a bit of a beating in the fall and early autumn with holiday entertaining. Now that the décor has been taken down and the guests have left, fresh paint can make this space your own again. The bright light of winter also lets you get the perfect color for your living space.

Kitchens white kitchens

One of the best rooms to paint in winter is the kitchen. This room of the house usually gets heavy use in the fall and early winter and will usually get extra use in the summer months, when entertaining picks up again. The winter months are the perfect time to get this room looking like new again.


Bathrooms have a big impact on how you use your home, because they add to the comfort of your everyday life. If you want to update or create a real spa-like feel to your bathing area, this is the time to paint and make it over.


Basements ventilate well in winter and tend to be warm — especially if this is where the furnace is located. Painting the basement can really give this area new life if you have a rec room in this part of the house, too. Paint now and you can start enjoying this space during the cold days to come.

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