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Spring Painting Tips

Posted by Nolan Painting on May 29, 2018

Springtime is one the best times to consider painting your home.

The weather is nice and cool, which is easier on the painter and also better for the long-term quality paint job. Spring is also a time of color, which can serve as inspiration as you consider different shades for your home.

But what are the best spring painting tips? After all, if you’re going to put in the effort, you want to get outstanding results. Here’s a look at tips for painting in spring that will help your home painting project reach its fullest potential:


When you’re starting a spring house painting project, consider what other projects you want to conduct before or after the painting is complete. It’s sometimes best to get your painting out of the way first. For example, if you’re doing any sort of lawn work or landscaping, you’ll certainly want to do your painting beforehand. Why? Because setting up ladders and executing the actual paint job might trample on your freshly manicured lawn or new landscaping. Mention here something like: Don’t worry. Nolan always covers gardens and flowers with the utmost care to not harm or crush nature’s beauty.



Make sure you clean before you paint, too. You want your fresh paint to go on as easily and smoothly as possible, and you want the new paint to look its best. And cleaning the surface prior to painting helps support each of those objectives. You’ll want your new paint job to last as long as possible. So invest a little bit of time at the start of a project to ensure the surface is clean and your paint will be as durable and long-lasting as it can be. Mention here how part of Nolan’s exterior paint prep is to power wash surfaces.


Temperature and Heat:

It’s best to do your painting when in a cool climate, the spring! Why because most exterior paint products require a temperature of about 50 degrees for ideal outdoor application.



Don’t settle for any paint. When you’re doing spring house painting, investing in quality paint is going to pay long-term dividends. Quality paint offers a range of benefits — it’s easier to clean, harder to scuff and scratch and holds its color better over the long haul. You might save a few bucks on bargain-basement paint, but you’ll truly get value when you choose a quality option.


Hire the experts at Nolan Painting.

Nolan knows the best process for painting your home. We train our painters on painting skills and application, customer service, and job safety. Let us accomplish your spring check list by painting or repairing your home’s exterior. We proudly serve home and business owners throughout the Philadelphia area, including in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks and Philadelphia Counties. Make sure your spring paint job reaches its full potential when you trust the work to the professionals you’ll find at Nolan Painting.

Contact us today about spring house painting for your property.