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Popular Winter Colors for Your Home

Posted by Nolan Painting on January 8, 2019
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There is no time like winter to think about incorporating the serene, quiet and simple tones of a winter scene into your home. So many of the season’s hues are perfect for year-round wall colors, whether you’re talking about snow-white in the kitchen or deep navy like a winter sky in your dining room. Here is a roundup of trending paint color tones that echo the beauty of a winter wonderland.


Navy skies are all around us in winter when nights are long and daylight is short. Navy pairs well with crisp white and is a trending in dining rooms, foyers, bedrooms and powder rooms. It has depth and enchantment just like a dark winter sky.



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Simple and clean , whites continue to trend in interior design. Like a quiet snowfall day, white is always elegant and timeless and is the perfect backdrop for many decor styles.


Hunter Green

A deep green with blue undertones, hunter green is trending right now as a dramatic color with a lot of depth. Like an evergreen tree it is rich and lush and pairs well with neutrals as well as bright hues.

Green accent wall ideas



A gray-brown hue, much like the bare trees of winter. From lighter to darker shades, any version of these gray-browns is trending now in design as a great neutral and pairs well with other winter hues.

Pewter dining room


The beauty of winter serves as welcome inspiration for choosing appealing and stylish paint colors. If you’re looking to bring the beauty of winter into your living spaces, consider these shades of the season and work them into your home.

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