The Complexities of White Paint Made Easy

Choosing a white paint for your home can be an extremely overwhelming task. Nolan makes choosing a shade of white paint easy.

Not all white paint is created equal, and because of the endless array of options, choosing a white paint for your home can be an extremely overwhelming task. Typically associated with innocence, purity, honesty, cleanliness, and newness, white paint has a way of brightening up a space and transforming its overall vibe. Because white paint is produced by combining all other colors in the visible light spectrum, there are many different variations of it, and the interior painting experts at Nolan Painting are here to help you choose the best one (or several!) for your home. Here’s a simple guide to use as a reference to help you differentiate between the different variations of white paint.

Wrap a Room in Warmth and Brightness With Warm Whites

Warm white paint is an excellent way to brighten up a space without having to sacrifice a comfy, cozy atmosphere. Trying to lighten up a windowless hallway? Opt for a warm white. Looking to brighten up your kitchen while still maintaining an inviting feel? Consider painting the kitchen cabinets a warm white. Not only will you get a brighter looking space, but the warm white tone will prevent a cold, stark appearance. A few great warm whites are “White Dove” and “Linen White” by Benjamin Moore, and “Dover White” by Sherwin Williams.

Create Balance With Cool Whites

Although a cool white paint is the perfect color to complement a contemporary or modern aesthetic, it can be utilized in almost any space in a home. If you have a room that has a lot of dark furniture, a cool white paint can help balance it out; if you have a kitchen with dark cabinets and a dark countertop, painting an accent wall in a cool white can help even out its look. Two great cool whites are “Reserved White” and “Spare White” by Sherwin Williams.

Transform a Space With Antique Whites

Sometimes the color of a room can transport a person to a different time, and antique whites are one of those colors! While antique white paint is perfect for a traditionally designed space, it is also the ideal color choice if you want to preserve the aesthetic look and feel of a historical home. Additionally, opting for an antique white will give any space a quaint, “lived-in” feel. “Lancaster Whitewash” by Benjamin Moore and “Antique White” by Sherwin Williams are two great options for this look.


Elevate a Space With Bright Whites

When it comes to painting trim or a ceiling, a bright white paint is typically the best way to go. In addition to being able to elevate the overall look of a room, painting the trim or ceiling in a bright white will be the perfect contrast with almost any other paint color, including other white paint colors. Plus, if you’re looking to bring more light into a room, painting the walls in a bright white—and painting your trim with the same shade, but in a semi-gloss finish—is an easy way to accomplish this.  The brightest white options from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are both of their “True Whites”, which are untinted stock white paint.


Find the Perfect Happy-Medium With Neutral Whites

Neutral white paint is a great option for when you’re looking to escape gray paint, but still want something that’s neutral. Since neutral white paint is not overly bright, it is able to straddle the line between warm and cool. Because the colors in this group are soft and quiet, they will give your space a tranquil feel, and thanks to its neutrality, it is easy to pair a neutral white with a variety of other colors. Great choices for neutral whites are “Pearly White”, “Shoji White” and “Ivory Lace” by Sherwin Williams.

If you want more help choosing the best white paint for your home, or if you want to learn more about incomparable paint warranties, contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our color consultants!