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Our Color Consultants are Currently Crushing on the Color: Yellow

Posted by Nolan Painting on March 10, 2020
interior of living room

Sunshine, daffodils, stardust, butterflies — the color yellow makes people think about so many lovely things! The versatility of yellow and its ability to evoke a sense of happiness, calmness or energeticness is why yellow is the color our color consultants are currently crushing on! Because there are so many different types of yellow paint colors — and knowing which one will evoke the vibe you want in a room can be difficult — the color consultants at Nolan Painting are here with their favorite yellow paint colors, the colors they complement and which room they’re best for.

Adriana Hagenberg

Currently crushing on: Lemon Meringue (Sherwin-Williams 7561) and Summer Harvest (Benjamin Moore CC-190)

Whether you want to paint a nursery or simply brighten up a dark, dingy room, Lemon Meringue can do both! Because yellow is typically associated with sunshine, this color is truly the perfect shade of yellow to add brightness to a space.

Colors it pairs well with: Blues and greens

Summer Harvest is a great yellow kitchen paint color because it works well with wood cabinets and floors. Plus, if you’re looking for a neutral color that will add warmth to a room — especially one that doesn’t get a lot of natural light — this is the yellow for you!

Colors it pairs well with: Reds, earthy greens and wood tones

Fran Crotty

Currently crushing on: Moonlight (Benjamin Moore 2020-60) and Humble Gold (Sherwin-Williams 6380)

If you’re looking to achieve a cottage-inspired aesthetic in your kitchen, opt for yellow kitchen cabinets in the color Moonlight! When this shade is next to bright white trim and white Carrera marble countertops, it looks fresh, soft and is sure to make you feel warm and happy — even on the grayest of days.

Colors it pairs well with: Soft grays, dark grays, creams

Humble Gold is a great yellow paint color for the walls in a room that is furnished in all white. Think of this yellow paint color like a wicker basket: it’s able to stay neutral and add a layer of coziness, while also adding interest and personality to a room.

Colors it pairs well with: Bright whites and neutrals

Trish Helmke

Currently crushing on: Peace Yellow (Sherwin-Williams) and Weston Flax (Benjamin Moore HC-5)

A historical color, Peace Yellow works well for both interiors and exteriors. Well-balanced and not overly vibrant, this yellow is a clean and refreshing hue.

Colors it pairs well with: Greens and oranges

Weston flax is another historical color, but unlike with Peace Yellow, this yellow paint color has no undertones of green or orange. Because this is a beautiful, soft shade, it is (in my opinion!) the best yellow paint color for bedrooms.

Colors it pairs well with: Grays and neutrals

Christy Mercanti

Currently crushing on: Hawthorne Yellow (Benjamin Moore HC-4) and Hinoki (Sherwin-Williams 7686)

When combined with antiques and contemporary decor, Hawthorne Yellow is a bold, clear yellow that instantly elevates a space and adds a sense of history. It’s also a wonderful option for an exterior color for either an entire home or front door.

Colors it pairs well with: Grays, whites and neutrals

Hinoki differs from Hawthorne Yellow in that it is a soft, gentle yellow. Although it’s a quiet and warm hue, it’s able to add a calming and cheerful vibe to a room. If bold yellow paint colors are not for you, then this softer shade may be the answer!

Colors it pairs well with: Soft greens, soft blues, soft grays and neutrals

Now that you know what color our consultants are currently crushing on, let them help you choose the color that will be perfect for you! Between our knowledgeable color consultants and expert house painters, the team at Nolan Painting in Havertown, PA will help bring your yellow dreams to life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team.