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The Best Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home Right Now

Posted by Nolan Painting on June 15, 2021
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If you’ve been thinking about giving the exterior of your home a fresh coat of paint, allow us to help guide you on choosing what color may be best for your home. Choosing exterior house paint colors can impact the entire look and feel of your home from the moment one arrives. Are you someone who would want to go bold or stick with something neutral? How is your home situated among trees and light? These are all factors to consider! The best thing about whatever color you choose is that it can always be updated. Why not give your home a new look every few years!


Depending on your personal style, we’ve put together a list of the best exterior paint colors we would recommend right now below.


Popular Exterior House Paint Colors That Are Trending Right Now:


  • Warm, Creamy Whites (SW Accessible Beige 7036 & SW Aesthetic White): It’s true that you can never go wrong with a shade of white. Instead of stark white though, we recommend a creamy white.  The warm tones in these colors are accentuated in natural daylight which allows for a classic look of your home.

  • Tans  (SW Nantucket Dune 7527): Another neutral color that’s trending at the moment is a tone of tan. Painting your home tan really warms it up and looks great with either bright flowers or some beautiful foliage surrounding the house.

  • Greiges (SW Dorian Gray; BM Rockport Gray HC-105): If you’re not a painter, you may not know the term, “Greige”. Greige is a combination of gray and beige. Depending on the exact tone, it can take on a more grey or beige look. This particular shade that we are recommending is a warm combination of both colors and looks great on exteriors.

  • Blues (SW Naval 6244 and BM Hale Navy HC-154):  Blue is a great color to paint your home, especially navy. It gives your home an appropriate “pop” of color while remaining classic.  Navies are still popular and used often as body colors, not just accents!
  • Gray-Blues (SW Distance 6243; BM New Hope Gray 2130-50): Gray-Blues acts as a neutral color that offers a clean, fresh look that is inviting. This is a great choice for a homeowner that would like to have a bit of color but in a subdued way.
  • Neutral Greens (SW Acacia Haze; BM Nantucket Gray HC-111): Similar to greiges and gray-blues, neutral greens act as a neutral, but with a small hint of color. Neutral greens offer an “earthy” feel that lends well to spaces that have a lot of greenery surrounding the home.

Are You Ready To Paint Your House?

We hope that the descriptions above gave you a better idea of what color you would like to freshen the exterior of your home with! No need to search for “exterior house painters near me!” Give the team at Nolan Painting a call at (610) 572-2806. We would be happy to give your home the new look it deserves.