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Paint Colors to Visually Enlarge Small Bathrooms

Posted by Nolan Painting on August 30, 2021
powder room

The smallest spaces in our homes are generally bathrooms and powder rooms, especially if you have an older home.  And small spaces can make us feel confined and uncomfortable.  Therefore people often ask, what color will make their bathroom feel larger. Let’s begin the discussion by debunking the myth:  “dark colors make a space feel smaller”.  Dark-colored walls actually feel as though they are receding, so can in fact help walls appear further away, creating the sense of a larger space.  Dark and/or intense colors can also create a more dramatic and interesting space.  Bathrooms, particularly powder rooms can be run-of-the-mill, and a deep paint color can add a sense of sophistication or excitement.  And when bathrooms or powder rooms lack natural light, embracing darker shades is often the best option.  If you paint a room lacking natural light a true white, it will fall flat, feeling dull and uninviting.  True whites work best in rooms with plenty of natural light.

A few rich color options worth exploring:  SW Caviar 6990, SW Dress Blues 9176, BM True Green 2042-10, and BM Caribbean Azure 2059-20.


Of course rich-colored walls do not appeal to everyone, and if you have a space with good natural light, then a true white can help enhance the spacious feel of a bathroom, particularly if the wall tiles are also white as your eye will flow easily throughout the space. Light colors feel “clean” and “fresh” and these feelings are often welcome in a bathroom. In addition to whites, soft grays/greiges/taupes, pinks, blues and greens are generally successful in bathrooms, even those lacking natural light. Soft color options to consider: SW Pure White 7005, SW Rhinestone 7656, BM White Satin 2067-70 and BM Pink Bliss 2093-70

Bottom line, selecting a color that works well with the tiles, countertop and vanity in the space is the most critical factor to a successful outcome for any bathroom, big or small. And of course, it should be a color that brings you joy. If the colors that work best with your tiles do not appeal to you, then explore alternative directions until you find the right balance for your style. Other ways to enhance the overall appeal of small spaces is to add points of interest in addition to a lovely wall color. A beautiful paint color on your vanity, a gorgeous mirror and piece of art can shift the focus from the small square footage by engaging the occupant and adding pleasure to their experience. And we are here to help! Our color consultants are experts in helping you choose the right color for your space. Get in touch with us today: 610-449-7795