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Kitchen Cabinet Repaint Project in Villanova, PA

Posted by Nolan Painting on October 25, 2022
White kitchen cabinets Villanova

A great way to affordably spruce up your kitchen is with paint! By putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, and repainting the kitchen cabinets, people don’t have to spend a ton to update and refresh their home. There are probably a lot of people who want to update their kitchen but don’t know how. And also don’t want to invest $50k to do it. This is a great way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. Simply prepping and painting your kitchen’s walls, ceiling and cabinets can make your kitchen feel and look brand new!

A Villanova customer reached out to us looking to freshen up her kitchen without replacing her cabinets. She came to the right place! The customer had warm, Tuscan tan kitchen walls which complemented her cherry wood cabinets. But it was time for a refresh. She chose Benjamin Moore Creamy White for her kitchen cabinets and Sherwin Williams Dried Edamame, similar to a sage green, for her kitchen walls. With these lighter, calming colors, the space now feels fresh and sophisticated.

Villanova Kitchen Cabinets

To repaint kitchen cabinets it takes a good 2 full weeks. Our painters have to take off all the doors and drawers and protect all exposed kitchen areas with plastic and tape; and we also protect the floors. It’s really only 3 days of painting in the kitchen. All of the doors and drawers are painted back at our shop in an air-controlled filtered room. They are primed and two coats of paint are applied. It’s important that they dry completely before they are transported back to the customer’s home and reattached. For about 2 weeks the customer is living in this in-between phase where they don’t have full access to their kitchen. 

Cabinet Painters Near Me

Painting the kitchen walls takes about 2 days

In this scenario, the customer’s ceiling in the kitchen was in bad shape and our team repaired substantial plaster before painting. We always recommend a standard flat white for the ceilings.

One interesting part of the project was fixing 2 cabinet doors. There were 2 doors that didn’t close properly and sagged. In fact, the customer had to use a rubber band to close them since they would fall off the hinges if opened. Our kitchen cabinet team was able to repair the hinges and put the doors back on straight so now the customer can fully use them!

White kitchen cabinets Villanova

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