Aluminum Siding Painting

Aluminum siding makes a great choice for the exterior of your home. It comes in many different colors and can endure a lot of elements. However, even the most durable materials can fade or become dingy-looking over time. If your aluminum siding is beginning to show its age, you might believe it’s time to tear it all down and start from scratch. What you may not realize, however, is that it is possible to paint aluminum siding and get stunning results.

Giving your aluminum siding a fresh coat of paint may be all that’s needed to have your house looking like new again. Nolan Painting has the skill and expertise necessary to handle this task for you. We can help keep your property attractive and enhance its value for years to come. You’ll enjoy the benefits if you plan to stay there — and if you’re putting it on the market in the near future, a new paint job could help you realize a better sales price.

The Aluminum Siding Painting Process

As long as your siding is not excessively dented, rusted or otherwise damaged, a fresh coat of paint every 10 years or so will keep your home’s exterior looking its best. When you hire professional aluminum siding painters like Nolan Painting, you’ll know that your house will be in good hands. We’ll do everything to ensure that you get the best overall results. That means we can provide a full power washing beforehand to provide a clean surface for the paint to adhere. We also know exactly what formulations are the best choices for these types of sidings. We can even help you with color selection. The end result? Your exterior siding will:

  • Look brand new
  • Help enhance your resale value if you sell soon
  • Stand up to harsh conditions, thanks to increased durability

When it comes to preparing your home, we will protect your yard, garden and other areas to ensure nothing is painted except what needs it. With our expertise working for you, you can be certain that your siding will continue to look good long after we’ve packed up and left your property.

Choose Professional Service From Nolan

We take pride in our position as leaders for aluminum siding painting service. Our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer our customers a written two-year warranty for every project. When homeowners choose to work with us, they can count on being treated with the highest levels of courtesy and professionalism. We arrive on time, show the entire house the utmost respect, and go the extra mile to keep the yard and gardens clean throughout our work.

Find Out What Makes Us the Leaders

We’ve served the greater Philadelphia area since 1979, and we’re proud of our status as a family-owned company that takes an active role in our community. No matter what type of paint job your house requires, there’s no better choice in the region. For more information about what we can do or to receive a free quote for your next painting project, contact us today.

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