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New Year, New Color

JANUARY 17, 2020

If you are ready for a home refresh, check out the hottest painting colors trending this year—from the palest pinks to the boldest blues and deepest charcoals. There is a wide range of color combinations to keep the mood fresh, revitalized, and breathe new life into your space. We're sharing the most popular paint colors we're seeing this year and how to artfully incorporate them...


Example of Dover White

The Complexities of White Paint Made Easy

JANUARY 6, 2020

Choosing a white paint for your home can be an extremely overwhelming task. Nolan makes choosing a shade of white paint easy. Not all white paint is created equal, and...


22nd Annual Reindeer Romp Raises Over $32K for American Cancer Society

DECEMBER 19, 2019

Total raised tops $430K Havertown, Pa. (December 19, 2019) – The 22nd Annual Reindeer Romp was held here on Saturday, December 14th and raised over $32,000 for The American Cancer...


Winter House Painting

4 Reasons You Should Paint Your Home in the Winter

DECEMBER 3, 2019

Is refreshing the interior of your home with a new coat of paint one of those things that keeps slipping down your to-do list? Have you been contemplating when the...


Winterize Your Home

Baby, It’s (Going to Be) Cold Outside: Here’s How to Winterize Your Home Before Winter Hits

NOVEMBER 1, 2019

Whether you love the crisp air of winter and the beauty of the first snowfall or you loathe it, winter in the northeast will be here before you know it—and...


Mid-Centruy Modern Interior Painting

Mid-century Modern Paint Colors

OCTOBER 7, 2019

Deep Teal This sophisticated color pairs well with the warm medium tone woods of mid-century modern furniture. Its deep blue-green tones contrast well with the brass and gold finishings in...


the best paint colors for selling a home

Best Paint Colors For Selling A Home

SEPTEMBER 23, 2019

When you’re selling your home, you want to make the best possible impression on potential buyers with the best paint colors for selling a home. You want them to imagine...