What to Expect When You Hire A Painting Contractor

Things to Expect From Your Painting Contractor

When you hire a painting contractor, you’re making an important decision. Here are a few tips for hiring a painting contractor, so you receive the best service from the best professionals in your area.

Questions to Ask a Painting Contractor

Before you hire a painting contractor, ask the right questions:

  • Is your painting company insured, certified and licensed? For your protection, it’s important to seek services from an insured, licensed and certified painting contractor. If your contractor cannot point to any evidence that they are certified and licensed, such as a state licensing number, you should probably look elsewhere.
  • What kind of paint do you use? A great paint job is nothing without great paint, so make sure you’re satisfied with the quality of paint your painting contractor uses.
  • Do you offer any kind of warranty? If a painting contractor is confident in their services, they should be happy to offer you a warranty on those services.
  • May I contact references or see reviews of your work online? Testimonials from satisfied customers can be some of the best indicators of whether a company is worth hiring.

What to Expect When Getting a Paint Estimate

When you hire a painter, they should give you a fair and accurate estimate on your job. They should completely examine the work required on the project, tell you just what they plan to do and how much they expect it will cost. You have the right to expect a realistic estimate, not a vague projection that has no relationship to the final bill.

If there’s anything unclear in the estimate, your painting contractor should be able to explain it very easily.

What to Expect During the Project

When you hire a quality painting contractor, you should expect them to show up on time and ready to begin work. The painters should be clearly identifiable by their van or uniform, so you know the painters that you hired are the ones who are completing the work. Your painters should be clean, friendly and respectful, with a strong work ethic.

A good painting contractor knows that a paint job can be an intrusion in your daily life, so they should make an effort to make themselves as unobtrusive as possible. They should be available to answer any questions you may have and to make every effort to ensure your satisfaction.

Your painting contractors should complete the project at or very close to the projected timeframe. Naturally, they should not announce that they have completed work until you are satisfied.

What to Expect After the Project

When your project is over, a good painting contractor doesn’t pack up and leave your home a mess. When a good contractor leaves your home, the only evidence that they were there should be a great paint job. Your painting contractor should completely and thoroughly clean up all evidence of work and leave your home the way they found it. When you receive the bill for services, it should look roughly like the estimate you received when work began, without a bunch of surprise fees and charges inflating the cost.

Why Nolan Painting Is the Painting Contractor You Can Trust

Nolan Painting is proud to meet your needs when it comes to hiring a painting contractor. We are licensed, certified and insured, with recognition and positive reviews from reputable sources. We use trained, background-checked, full-time employees who are instilled with our commitment to respecting customers and their homes.

Each Nolan Painting job comes with the Nolan Painting Promise™, to start and finish on time, maintain a clean, neat work environment, pledge an assurance of high quality, provide a total commitment to all details, and stand behind our work every time.

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